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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today's blog is a shout out. Yes. .a shout out thank you card of sorts. Thanks to my husband who serves his country in the United States Navy. Thanks to my father who served his country for 32 years in the United States Army. Thanks to my father in law who served his country for 27 years in the United States Air Force. Thanks to any American who has put the uniform on, who has fought for us, kept us safe, and worked even when they didn't want to. Thanks to the ones who has missed birthdays, holidays, births of their children, and any other event at home while they were away. Thanks to the ones who have become injured in the line of duty, who have went to work sick, and thanks to the ones who gave their lives for us. Thanks to the guys who say goodbye to their loved ones even when they don't want to, who answer the call even when they want to hang up. Thanks to our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. Thank you for doing what many say is easy but few know how hard it is.

And while we thank the members of the Armed Services, we also need to thank the wives, husbands, girl friends, boy friends, parents, children and anyone else who holds down the fort at home. Thanks to the women who have given birth without their husbands, who have made sure Santa Claus arrived even when the spirit of their season was thousands of miles away, to the daddys who have fed the baby in the middle of the night while their wife was overseas serving her country, to the grandparent who has become a parent again so their child could serve their country and they have taken on the role of support beam for their grandchild.

To anyone I forgot to thank. If you have saluted the flag, lit a candle, said a prayer, donated some time, given so freely of yourself to say Thanks, then I thank you. Thank you for realizing that while freedom is amazing, freedom doesn't come free. We have the most amazing country, while its a little bruised and battered now, our military stands tall. Thanks to everyone who gave some, but special thanks to the ones who gave all.

I have to also send out a thank you to someone else. Thank you to the police officers who make our areas a little safer, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Thanks to the fire fighters, who fight fires that we could never dream of fighting. Thanks to the EMT's who are the ones who fight to make sure you have another day, when sometimes all hope is lost. Thanks to the guys who don't get thanked. Thank you from those of us who remember and are grateful you are there, even if sometimes we forget to say it.

And while it may be politically incorrect to some, we are after all one Nation under God, and may God Bless America.

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