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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happiness is......

Happiness is seeing the face of your son on the morning of his 14th birthday, smile and say "Good morning MOM" because he's the kid who has to say hi first.. every day. Happy Birthday AJ. Life became so much sweeter the day you were born! Every mom knows her children are special, and every mom knows that their kid swings the moon, but not every mom can say "My kid not only swings the moon, he gets a homerun each time"

Happiness is watching Emily become independent, but then its also sad. She's my last baby, and I love her discovering things, like when she pulled up in the crib, my first thought was go BABY!! then it was NO don't do that... stop.. i am not ready for that. Sighs.. they grow up too fast. But Gosh its neat to watch them discover things.

Happiness is Nikia.. who went to her freezer last night and gave me a whoppie pie. I so her. Chuck made me a nice cup of my sugar cookie tea.... mmm.. so good.. and its gonna snow!! he gave me the Nintendo DS to play my game. WOW! I felt like it was MY birthday. :o)~ (ok you two.. shout outs accomplished... )

Happiness is NOT the period that arrived and has me dying to go back to bed.. Happiness is NOT getting a TEXT that Rocky was bad in school. Happiness is NOT hearing that one of AJs gifts is on backorder and won't make it on time. :o( Happiness is NOT AOL being difficult. Happiness is NOT watching idiots on Craigslist flag Nikias post offering a free Christmas dinner. Happiness is NOT reading a friends blog about her troubles with having a baby and the ache I have in my heart for her. I suck because I have always taken advantage how easy it is for me to have a baby. so happinesss is NOT me for taking advantage of something that is so hard for so many people.

Happiness is hearing a little girl wake up from her nap, so therefore its time for me to go!!! I will write more soon!

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