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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful. So very Thankful

First of all, I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your day has been as wonderful as ours has, and that you can honestly say you are thankful for more than just the pumpkin pie :o)~

We made a long journey.... and I mean long, as 1/4 of the way down the road we realized we forgot Emily's bottle and she was voicing her 2 cents about it, then the makeshift DVD player decided its job of entertaining the 4 year old was done for the day(yes, i am serious) luckily, a donut calmed David and Uncle G saved the day with a DVD player for the ride home.... whew!!!! then on the way home, David crashed even before the previews was over lol........ oh well Mary and Danny were happy,,,,,, and AJ well Steph left her ipod in the car and we know AJ and music loud as hell and annoying me.... not so much chuck because he's "his DNA " lol. Emily didn't make it out of the driveway before she was dreaming of sugarplum fairies, suffice to say Emily loved her first Thanksgiving , as she is a serious fan of food.

my brother Gregg text messaged me this morning and asked "are you coming???" I replied yes but dreading it. To my shock he showed everyone the text and made sure the day went well. I cant tell you how shocked I am that not one cross word was said , no feeling were hurt, and only moody children shed tears. I am so relieved that my family was able to act like we more then tolerate each other, that we love each other.. and in the end we realize we're all each other has. The last time my mother smiled that much at a holiday , my father was still alive..... that was over 9 years ago. Talk about your holiday present :)

As I close this blog for today, I again wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season. Today I am thankful for love that's still alive even after I thought it could never happen. I am still smiling.. awesome.

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