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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 7: the return of the Normal.

Normal in our world, that is. The ex and his girlfriend left today, I find that in the end we all survived, from the animals to the humans. And that my friends works out, quite nicely. I have a bizarre relationship with my ex, while he drives me insane for the most part we get along. Although, now when I look at him its one of those "what did i ever see in you?" things. which is sad.. but true. Its not that he's a bad guy, he's not.... he's just well.. ya know the kid in kindergarten who pulls the little girls ponytails and says nananeebooboo..yea thats him.. in a big body. He is Peter Pan, although I will say when he does finally fully grow up, I think he will be just fine.

So my mom called with our Thanksgiving assignment, I have been told to make a roaster pan of mac and cheese. Apparently, mom likes mine best.. woohoo. Go me. But I have to tell you seriously....I don't think of mac and cheese when I say Thanksgiving. i think mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, ham, broccoli casserole (this is just sex in casserole form) turkey, ham and of course pumpkin pie!!! So mac and cheese sounds out of place, but we are going to go my brothers house, with his in laws and our family.. 28 people in one house. I will accept any prayers ANYONE has to offer that I survive... please. Pretty please?

Ok would the person who told my 10 month old she could grow up please kiss my big white.... anyways. she is now all over the place. She is crawling, pulling up, toddling, getting into trouble (nothing more fun then chasing down a 10 month old who is determined that the snack bowl belongs to her... ya know the one on the floor....that has those little hard morsels and the CAT eats out of it.. fun fun fun. Earlier today, it was a race to the bowl, and I am proud to say I won. of course the toilet paper in the bathroom race.. I lost and she successfully TPed herself. Fab.

It is 6 PM and time to eat dinner, I will be back tomorrow at my early blogging time. So that way I can prevent the "No blog?" text messages.

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