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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thoughts to ponder........

Things that make you go hmmm... that is what the theme of today's blog is.

1) Why do people (Chuck) forget to turn off their alarm clocks on Saturday mornings when you don't have to get up and Miss Emily decided to get up at 2 AM to chat.. we SO have to discuss this new midnight conversation with her. I really think she is going to be a late night DJ when she gets older "Hi This is Em.. and I am listening" She's lucky I didn't tell her everything on my mind

2) How come its so easy to say "Ok I'll go to Mass" but when it comes time to physically go, I have an excuse or a reason not to go? Is it that I am just still that mad? Or is it that I am afraid the place will spontaneously combust as soon as I walk in?

3) How is it someone who has known you for a matter of months knows you so much better then someone you thought knew you better then anyone else? How is it that the new friend can try and fix a broken heart, and the other can't even see that its broken?

4) Why am I dreading my ex coming next week.. is it because he plucks my buttons or is it because I know mid way through I am gonna wanna kill him? Its not that we don't get along we do. He is actually a good friend of mine, but well we have a past.. and NO not Stephanie, Danny, AJ, and Mary.. ok them too but thats not what I meant. I am looking forward to meeting his girlfriend Sarah.

5) How come there is nothing sweeter then watching a 10 month eat spaghetti and turn orange? No matter how bad your day is, you can't help but smile as she is covered from forehead to thighs in spaghetti. She made a lovely oompa loompa too!!

6) WHY am I up at 7:42 AM? oh wait. I know that answer... Chucks alarm clock.

7) How come my brother can't see how amazing my mother is? She is such a great woman and he calls her "the old bag" what a jerk. He doesn't realize how good he has it. He pays no bills of matter, he is getting her amazing house when she dies, and he just tells us "he earns it" for driving her everywhere. Sure. Ok. If it was me, I wouldn't leave him a damn dime. Jerk.

8) How is it that CMT plays such great videos in the morning but if you aren't up you get to watch "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the team" instead? ok. I admit it. I watch, and I watch "My Big redneck wedding" (did anyone else see the one where the brother and sister got married? OMG! if not youtube it.. so funny). They also show Extreme home makeover which is Stephs and my excuse to clear our sinuses we watch it and sob and sob.

9) How can I have so much on my mind and NOT have my mind explode. WOW 9 things? I didn't think my brain was that big!!

Ok these are my thoughts for the day. have a lovely day, play nice with others, even if they're assholes. (I tell my kids that every day.. and Chuck)

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