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Friday, November 28, 2008

And so it begins......

With the close of Thanksgiving, the start of the Christmas season is upon us. I ventured out this morning, after I dropped Chuck off at work, there wasnt really many places I wanted to head but having six children I look for nice words like "buy one get one", Layaway, 50% off. They make me get all bubbly inside. So off I went to K-Mart which is not nearly as scarey as it always seemed in the 80's. To my surprise, I found alot more then I expectead and the cost didnt kill me. Thank God. Theres alot to be said for Black Friday and even though we had plans of getting up early, it just didnt happen.. mostly because we were both exhausted from yesterday. So while I know I probably missed alot of killer sales, life will go on. It seems most people are letting the sales go past today because this Christmas is make it or break it for a lot of those places. Its hard to believe that there are stores that have been open for over 30 years that this year is do or die. And while I am sad to see them go, I also dont have the liberty to spend money like a drunken sailor. I refuse to buy 800 gifts for my kids when I know that three or four each will do.

I do have to say though, Christmas does one of two things, it either brings out the best of people (the lady in line for layaway with me at K Mart gave me a hug good bye and told me to have a blessed Christmas, the man who got down the Pooh activity table because it was placed on a shelf that was about 10 feet OVER my head, and finally the person who told me to have a wonderful holiday season as we were both getting our tires fixed (fricking nails on country roads grrrr) or it bring out the worst of people (the guy who cut me off to get a parking spot that was two spots closer then the one i found. .way to go big guy. you win @@, or the lady who was fighting over a Elmo live with another lady and calling her things that would have made Chuck blush.. and hes a SAILOR! and finally the woman who called the house asking for Laveda. I am sorry theres nobody here by that name.... to which she said "girl dont play me..put that b*tch on the phone" ummm. Spirit of the season eh?? oh well.. hopefully everyone encounters the people with good spirit not bad.

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here.. last years sort of tanked.. BAD. I was in the hospital sick as a dog and contracting with Miss Emily.. by the time I got home all I could do was sleep and thats what I pretty much did for the next two days. So I am really hopeful this year is better, so far in its favor is 1)I am soo the polar opposite of pregnant and 2) I am about 99.999% sure I wont be in the hospital like that this year (hey I gotta leave that little percentage so Karma doesnt kick me in the teeth.. you understand). Right after Christmas Emily turns one. I have watched her coast all around the furniture today, and let go a few times. I just know she is going to be up and running in no time. NO FAIR!! She was supposed to take her time!! she's the last of the lot.. :::::sighs::: oh well it is fun to see her explore a new trick. So cute.

Ok I am off to baste the bird and to help emily explore WHY there is a big green bag in her living room (it has the Christmas tree in it lol) More tomorrow.. different blog time, same blog channel)

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