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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 5......The pinched heiney and other things

Sometime this weekend, we landed up getting a hairline crack on the toilet seat... fabulous. In 24 hours, it grew from a hairline to a pinching demon that envied only a crab. Anyone who sat down to do their business got the business end of the pincher.. and ya know by 9 PM last night I was kind of tired of having my rear end pinched.. so off to Walmart Chuck went to get a toilet seat. He finds a cushioned seat, and we are all quite happy that we went from getting ready to divulge any secrets to the toilet seat prison guard, to a soft cushiony spot to sit and do the deed. Kudos to Chucky for getting the good seat!!

Today is day five of the company, and I have discovered this has been a positive visit for the following reasons. 1) I like Sarah she is very sweet and she helped Stephanie with home work last night. 2) GW has helped fixed some things so that has been nice and 3) I don't have to cook tonight beause they are ordering pizza. awesome.

How do you explain to a 11 year old that you don't have to touch your boobs just because you are wearing a bra that accents that you are budding? Mary is driving me insane, she has a bra on that gives her... well more then she has.. you gotta love bras that are so padded they make even an 11 year old look like she could take someone out from across the room. Anyways she keeps touching the girls.. so suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Oh wait it gets better she is wearing a tshirt that says "better then a boy"... good thing they don't make boxers for boys that say "Better then a girl" eh? then we would NEVER have socks clean :oX.

On that note.. time to post the blog and go back to being congested and blah. more later.

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