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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The camels back broke.....

If you have ever heard or even used the phrase, the straw that broke the camels back, it happened today for us. David went to school at 8:30 by 9:13 the school called. I got told he would not listen and walked out of his classroom (well, gee thanks thats the first time in 3 weeks anyone has even given me that much information). Chuck and I decided to pull him out of preschool, and I called back to talk to the vice principal who told me when we know whats wrong with David we can bring him back. Do what?? I said "oh so when YOU have a label and he is drugged up" she says no I dont advocate the use of drugs.. um ok. Then has the nerve to say "we want David in school" bad me. I laughed. OUT loud. I told her that I completely did NOT believe that. That the first response is to send him home, never to fix the situation or try and find a fix. Whatever... I am now ready to homeschool him. Prek is NOT required by VA state law, and while i would love for him to go.... At this time its better for him to be home.

We have to get ready for Thanksgiving tonight, this entails makin fudge, making sure we have everything to make mac and cheese and who knows what else. Usually the list of things I have to do is longer then the list of what I am able to do. My mom loves to give me the impossible items to find.. (todays adventure is to find scallop shells to make stuffed clams in.. pray for me). She figures that if anyone can find it, its me. I am good, but damn. Sometimes I wonder where this bag of tricks my mom thinks I have is. Oh well. I will survive.

Chuck looks like he will be moving to the nightshift in December, part of me is miserable to hear that, I love that we have meals together and are able to watch TV etc. And now that will be a thing of the past. I will miss the time we have together at night but I guess we will now have morning times. The bad part is, with the kids in school he will have very little interaction with them. This is a catch 22 as there is alot of reasons why this will be a good move, but also i would be lying if I said I cant find some cons to go with the pros. Sadly we will never have another dinner together... Monday through Friday is the day job, Saturday and Sunday he works night shift at the video store. So much for family time. And that makes me sad. While I do think it will work out ok for him, I am sad for us. I know hes surprised reading this, and I am sure I will get past it.

Ok off to my mile long list.. back tomorrow. ooh wait.. today I am Thankful for the food we eat, the roof over our heads and the clothes on our backs.

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Anonymous said...

That is why I homeschool Richard. Preschool isn't required here either. I haven't been steady with it either. He wants to do 40 pages at a time. Sam's club had a good homeschool work book.

Richard is going back to night too in Jan.