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Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me Monday

Aaaaahhh another episode of Not Me Monday. This is therapry that is cheap.. so here we go:

I did NOT debate whether medicating David would be the best thing for him and us because he just cant seem to behave. Even though I have sworn I would never be a parent that medicates for ADHD.

I did NOT complain about the things I dont have before I read someone's post about the things they don't have.

I did NOT yell out loud "Ok God I hear you" as i replied to the lady who needed a Thanksgiving miracle because I realized even when my days are dark they aren't that bad.

I did NOT just watch David wipe cheetos on the dog rather then go get a napkin..

I did NOT use the phrase "David dont bite the dog" a few days ago either.

I did NOT just post two blogs in my nightie because I STILL havent showered.. i know i am know I am going. ok?

I did NOT hit post and casually stand up and race to the shower before someone catches me in my nightie.. (like you guys can see inside my screen.. and if any of you can. gee I am sorry about the counters. I plan to do those soon)

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Eileen said...

Yooooo why can't I follow your blog!?!?! I finally did's pretty boring LOL