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Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 4....sickness is for sissies

And apparently I am the queen of sissies. My head hurts, my nose is congested, my throat hurts, and I just want to be in bed.. but no I had to go to the doctor because I had to have my boobies looked at. I have a boobie ball.. ok its a few balls.... I knew it was nothing, but have convinced myself it was something horrific and I was dying, because that is what mothers of six do... we overeact. Hey i put the Ma in Drama. :o) You figure out you are dying and start making out your mental will.. the people you would bequeath things to..We will get to that list in a minute.. but first of all lets cover the more important things.. the boobie issue is simple.. I have an infection of the milk duct and apparently a pretty high pain threshold because I didn't even know I had it... what cracks me up is 1) I didn't/don't breastfeed and my boobs got infected and 2) the only person who has touched them recently hasn't sucked on them for long periods of time.. ahem. I know I know TMI.. my blog. .deal with it. Anyways I received a needle and I should be on the mend in no time. Hey if nothing else it will do wonders for the sinus infection eh? I also have a stern warning if I see anything green emerge from the girls again to not wait... do not pass go.. go directly to the doctors office. aye aye captain!

So today has been pretty adventureless. .I went to the doctor, ooo wait i slept til 10.. that was sort of hot. GW since getting the job with home depot has become Mr Fix it, and he fixed the springs on my couch, and made a make shift yard for Lily.. which in Lily's mind now makes him the God of Dogs. this will change shortly though, one of the kids will drop a swedish meatball tonight, and alas his title will shift from God to "Rocking Dude" alas dogs like humans are fickle. I have to say this visit where visits with the ex husband goes has been nice, he likes the house. I like that he likes the house, and sort of have the woohoo maybe he'll come visit and keep the kids for a weekend so Chuck and I can escape.. hey a girl can dream.

Friday is my anniversary with Chuck. We can't do anything for it this year as money just doesn't allow. That sort of sucks. I will say though, I love that I can still see him and get butterfllies even after all these years. I love that he is still one of my favorite reasons I wake up each day.

Ok so seriously or not so seriously.. with the boob issues and the "what would i give someone to remember me" I tried to make a mental list, and sadly I discovered my legacy isn't long enough for a list.. so sorry you all are stuck with me.. so there :oP

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InfertileMadWoman said...

Your a mess!!! Glad your boobies are ok!!!

Rebel... you know who!!!