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Thursday, November 13, 2008

hahaha your kidding right?

Yea that was my response last night..... when my mother called and said to me:
"Is your life confusing enough?" I was almost afraid to answer but I said "yes" she laughed and said "its about to get more confusing" oh good because I thought the boob issues I am having, the ex husband coming, the money issues that are making us always tight, and the neverending circle we can't find the exit out of was enough, but hey if you think I need more.. bring it on!! i am tough.. right? I mean I can take another hit right I reply through a tremendously large gulp "hows that?" She snickers and says "Gregg wants to come down this weekend, which means i am coming.. to stay with you" . "Haha your kidding. right?" I hear nothing but silence on the end of the line. "mom?" She replies back "We'll be down tomorrow night" gulp. I love my mother, my mom is awesome. My ex husband does not share my love for my mother. I guess to say they don't see eye to eye would be a good way of putting it, but also WAY too nice. This is gonna be fun.. sure it is. I then called my ex husband to tell him my mother was coming, to which he immediately got pissy "Well what are we supposed to do sleep in her car?" Ok seriously.. he told me when they were originally coming that the girlfriend was going to stay in a hotel.. .(yes I know.. your having your ex husband, his new girlfriend AND your mother in the house? yes.. I know. .I am mental. The thing is he and i MOSTLY get along.. if he becomes a tool, I'll tell him so.. I am not shy. Its one of my more redeeming qualities. so I am told. So my house this weekend is my mother, my ex husband, his girlfriend and lots and lots of alcohol...or to make it less obvious we will just drink, I'll just keep adding baileys to my coffee cup and did I mention at least at one point during the weekend both Mel and Nikia will be MIA from me.. Nikia up working in NOVA, and mel at a girls night thing. They better BOTH have their phones on them.. lol.

OOOO but I did have a rather productive conversation with my brother Gregg... he and i don't get along too great.. but hopefully he listened and we can start working on it.. I won't hold my breath yet.. but we did take a positive step and he is going to come over and finally see my house. hey its a baby step, but you gotta crawl before you walk, or so they say.

Ok I am off to get some running around done, ya know the stuff that you always do right before the company gets there..

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Mel said...

You know I'll answer a 9-1-1 from you anytime!!! Fingers crossed...should I leave the passion fruit vodka here??