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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunshiney Sunday

Greetings on a lovely, albeit it FREEZING cold Sunday. I didn't get a tons of sleep last night and I was up early, but I am wide awake.. for me that is scary. And so not normal. Ok it could be the Mocha latte I had this morning..or it could just be adrenaline. Thanksgiving is four days away, and as much as I dread the drive I am genuinely looking forward to a family holiday. We are going to my brother Mikes house it appears as if the family has started to act human..which is always a bonus. oh and I plan on seriously overloading the members of the family in the car with TONS of Christmas music...YAY! I love Christmas music!! Thats probably the reason why I am not bummed about it going from warm to cold so fast.. it makes it feel like Christmas really is coming. I <3 the holiday season. We may be broke and we may be struggling to figure out how to make this years holiday work, but bellieve me when I say I cant wait for it. and BRING it on!!

Chuck is at drill today, he has his change of command and has to wear his dress blues. May I say there is nothing sexier then a man in his dress blues Navy uniform. Oh how I love that uniform. The poor man. Good thing he has to work today after drill :oX. He had his physical this morning for his hearing test.. he does have a problem hearing.. see and I thought it was selective hearing.. I asked him if I should start using sign language with him he replied "I have a sign for you" gee I wonder what he ever meant lol. He may drive me crazy but I love him.. God help me.. but i love him. :o)~

I have decided when I grow up, I want to be someone with a bankable talent. While being a mother is wonderful, and I wouldnt trade a minute, I am so tired of being in the poorhouse. While we have things we need, the bills are paid, the family is fed, its hard to do something as simple as go get dinner without feeling guilty for spending a measley 25 dollars on a buffet meal. I have spent the past few days beating myself out for our anniversary date, while I know we needed it and it so had the desired effect, I also am a firm believer that if you are a grown up, you should have to pay rent, you should have to pay utilities etc. I am sad to say, there are too many people I know who don't see or understand how good they have it.. and while they may not have space of their own, and they may have to endure things that aren't ideal, they are living rent free, whether it be their choice or the person who's not charging them. To me, if you occupy a space, you should help pay for your space. Nobody over 18 deserves a free ride, no matter who they are. Just my 02 cents.

Alright I am off to load up the MP3 with christmas carols.. more tomorrow. I am sure a different blog time but same blog channel...again.

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