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Saturday, November 8, 2008

tag.. i am it

I have been tagged again... sighs.. via email this time, but alas a tag is a tag. And therefore without further adieu.... (is that not the weirdest word ever??)

1. Clothes shopping--For the kids or for Chuck I am SO there. .for me.. I sort of hate it. I hate trying to find something that I am gonna try on and decide i hate. i love tshirts and comfy clothes. .case in point.. mom gave me money for jeans today... I went to buy jeans and it took awhile and i found some, but only because Chuck did the whole "put it in the cart" thing.. i am not a shopper. and I don't like to spend money on me. I even looked at the baby stuff and was scolded... "That's NOT your size" yes dear I know.

2. Furniture shopping-- when we moved in the new house, I had the BEST time furniture shopping.. NOW I am done. .for like what 10 years or so.. ok probably not but I love the look of older stuff and I giggle when I find stuff.

3. Sweets--I adore tootsie rolls.. they are my favorite food. .and i am OUT of them :o( I am so sad.. ooh and Nikias Whoppie pies O.M.G. they are amazing!!! i also love my brownies but i don't make them nearly enough....Hmm. I love a good cheesecake. And Fall isn't fall without pumpkin pie.. ;o)~ ok. I love sweets

4. City-- I completely without doubt adore Paris. I love the sites and the smells. i haven't been back there since I was 11 but I remember it like it was yesterday. J'adore Paris. And I love New York city. :::Ba ba ba ba ba start spreading the news.. I am leaving today... I want to be a PART of it. NEW YORK NEW YORK!!::::::::::

5. Drinks--I already professed my love for my sugar cookie tea, i love a good cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer, I love Dr Pepper, I love Dasani strawberry water, I love Pomegranate Cherry Life Water, I love White Zinfandel, I love white russians, I love baileys irish cream. I love lots of different drinks ;o)~

6. Music.--I have so many different things on my itunes, from Garth to Delbert to the Jonas Brothers to Rob McNelley to Duran Duran and lots and lots of others. I love different music my main favorite being country. I am not really a concert person lately, I would love to be, but nothing good has come to hampton roads but when something does, I am going to move heaven and earth to get there.. even if I go alone.

7. TV Series-- Oh wow long list....Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, ER, Ugly Betty (my mother Betty hates that name lol), Project Runway, Big Brother, Little people big world, Dirty Sexy money, Law and Order, My Big Redneck Wedding, Private Practice, Will and Grace, Golden Girls, gosh soo many shows the list goes on and on.. oooh Rachel Ray I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_24">america.

8. Film-- The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Grease, PS I love you, Heart and Souls, and gosh so many more. I love movies. Its sort of my only social life..

9. Workout--BWAHAHAHAHAHA oh wait. you meant that.. does Sex count? Does chasing Emily count? if not I am screwed.

10. Pastries-- I love Entemann's cheese danish, and I love cheese danish in general.. but I am not a big "Pastry" fan... oh wait i like. I love paine du chocolat. (chocolate croissants)

11. Coffee. Yes please, hot, cold over ice, or slushied.. coffee rocks my socks.. yummy!! I love Frappucinos (not the price) but I also love iced coffee and the best thing somedays is that first sip of HOT coffee.. mmmmmmm.. sooooo good.

Not tagging anyone. if you wanna do it. do it. .if you don't you don't have to ;o)~ today's all about choice.. You're welcome

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fyrgrl said...

Thank you for the "shout out" over my Whoppie pies! Now only if they made money!! hummm then we can open a shop and go on throw down w/ Bobby Flay!!!