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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I should have stayed in bed.

I am sure you are noticing this blog is coming very late (I know some of you have from the IMs that asked "BLOG?".. yea yea I know. .sue me). So let's review Tricia's wonderful day so far.

Wake up at 530 to the teenager going through my room looking for 1) her NJROTC necktab and her shoe.. yes thats right shoe as in one.. um ok. she finds it and leaves. buh bye.

545 AM to annoyed kitten (yes the new family member we will get to him in a little bit).. annoyed kitten is telling Lily off.. I think Lily annoyed her.. she sees this little black ball of fur and is pretty sure she wants to play fetch, catch or anything else with the kitten.. the kitten just wanted to sleep and let Lily know in her big kitty voice.. which btw isn't so big.

620 AM the dueling snorers are going.. Yes, Chuck i know "you snore too!!" yes I do.. but... Emily and Chuck were snoring in unison.. he would snore.. pause.. she would snore.. he would snore.. pause.. she would snore. I record it on my phone... then figure since I have the phone in my hand I will go ahead and call my bank and see what cleared (yes I know I am a freak.. I do it daily)

645 AM- 650 AM I wake Chuck up to go get AJ.. notice the delay.... it goes like this . "chuck" "I am up" "chuck" "I am up" Finally he gets up and goes.

705-720 AM Rinse wash repeat the Chuck get up and go get David and Mary up. yes I know, "why dont you get up" umm..because he has a louder voice then me.

725 AM- 835 AM Chuck leaves for work... Mary and David get ready for school.. kitty and dog have a meeting of the mind (he has one, she doesnt). I get dressed and dress Miss Emily who goes in to veg with Mel while we head to the bus stop at 8:35

835 AM-8:43 AM Curse the bus driver for being late and wonder WTF I was thinking bringing the kitten out in the RAIN to meet the kids at the bus stop.. note to self, check for brain.

8:45 AM back in the house, let annoyed kiten down, he meets Hercues who informs him in the big cat voice "I am in charge, your pond scum" kitty seems to understand

8:45-9:20 AM clean up the house, do laundry.. do the dishes, take care of the basics..

9:20 AM Emily and I eat breakfast (grits.. yum-o)

9:23 AM Ms Harper the vice principal of the Elementary school calls.. crap. No no its not what you think.. Rocky didn't do it.. it was his sister Cruella. who decided to show her tail in music class and when given the option of (wait til you hear this one!) a time out or a suspension.. she took.... WAIT FOR IT.. A SUSPENSION. Are you fricking kidding me?!?!??!? She told the teacher (yea I wish I was kidding too) I am too old for timeouts. Oh buddy. Let me TELL you this child is currently wishing she would have asked for the timeout....Oh and then she got mouthy with the vice principal.. I was ready to tell her if she felt the need to staple her to the wall til Chuck got there, I was ok with that. And then made a comment about us getting calls about David.... um.. actually David has been fairly well behaved lately... Yea i know ::::knocks on wood::::: but I think hes finally getting it.

9:30 AM Tell people who need to know about Mary and her showing her ass the story, and go to wash out my bowl... um.. the water isnt coming on...

9:30 AM til 10 AM call the water company... find out what is going on .. inform them NO I am not PAYING the bill of the guy who shorted you guys because he was foreclosed on which I told you in AUGUST when we got the house.. but I will pay the bills you have YET to send me (FYI the water company where we used to live was quarterly bills I assumed (stupidly) it was the same way here.. we pay the bill (we are responsible for) and are now still waiting for our damn water grrrrrr.

From 10 AM til now.. I have growled and done whatever I could around the house to avoid having to pee lol. We are due to get turned back on later on.. :::holds breath::: they are never as fast to put it on as they are to turn it off. .did you ever notice that?? Ok in other news we have friends who had to get rid of some kittens so we took a little black one that we got on the first day after the election... and we named him Obama :o)~ he's really cute, pretty smart, and seems like it fits him.. the funniest thing is hearing david yell "OBAMA come here" ;o)~ hey i figure if Jeff Dunham can name his dog Bill.. (after Clinton) I can name my cat Obama after the president :o)~

More tomorrow hopefully a little more calmly.. OOOOOOO and one more thing!! Chuck kicks butt!! he brought me TWO boxes of Sugar cookie tea.. this tea is the BEST tea EVER.. he found it at walmart.. it tastes like a freshly baked sugar cookie.. YUM- O!! If you wanna try it let me know I'll send you a bag!!

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