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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whats up Wednesday?

There are so many blogs that have different themed days, and really cute graphics to go along with it (note to self.. and mel.. put Mel to work making a "whats up Wednesday" graphic) The rules are simple, just tell me whats up in your world:

Whats up? Today we are getting all the prep work done for Thanksgiving. Does it amaze anyone else that so much work goes into one day of eating? I know its also all about the family, and I am mostly looking forward to that, but I am dreading the drive (six kids and us.. that sounds painful no?) We have so far done shopping, made two trays of mac and cheese and 3 trays of heavenly fudge. That would be just the prep work done.

Whats up? I am starting to panic about Christmas. I am not ready and I am not sure we will be ready. Part of me cares the other part is like oh eff it. They will have something under the tree and that is what matters. Its not about us, its not even about the gifts that matters, its about the kids, its about the spirit of the season, and that, is what I think we need to focus on. Someway.. somehow.

Whats up? I am so excited the Christmas season is upon us.. I know I complain about the financial aspect, but who doesnt love the sounds and sites of this season? The smells.. the food.. the friends.. the food.. the love.. the food (can you guys tell I skipped dinner?) I am delerious over Christmas. We will probably put up the tree this weekend.. although thats still up in the air.

Whats up? I am watching something that is foreign in my world.. my teenage daughter is cleaing up the stove. I would take a picture, but its like a deer, you dont want to frighten her, she might stop!! ooh wait.. shes not even using a dirty sponge.. she used the greenworks spray and papertowels.. ROCK on. I think I am proud.. sniffle.

Whats up? it amazes me that no matter how hard we work to get the house cleaned up in ten minutes a determined little girl can find the pieces of paper off the floor we missed. Or pull out all her toys. She's gifted... what can I say?

Whats up? I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, until next time with what I am thankful for. I am thankful for blogger because therapy is expensive and blogging is free. :o)~

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