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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween through years....

Happy Halloween!! Today is like a national holiday in our house.. we are a bit over the top, to include that not just the kids dress up, but we do too. through the years I have dressed up as everything from a witch (boring but i did get to have excellent stage makeup from my brother).. Bobby soxer (aka the 50s chick type dress ok?), a ghost (ok THAT was fun..we wrapped a sheet around me.. my brother painted my face and i had chains aka A Christmas Carol around me.. THAT was a COOL year!), a gypsy...( I got to play in moms jewelry. ROCK on), a pumpkin (numerous times.. everytime I was pregnant i was a pumpkin.. well except last year) Last year i was a BUNNY. (mother of six.. bunnies procreate. often.. and ALOT.. made sense to me), i have been a money tree (my kids didnt find that funny at all.. I thought it was hilarious), Desere and I were desperate housewives two years ago (I can't express how much FUN that was lol), i have done the boring black cat too, and this year I am wearing a spider shirt and a witchs hat.. this year I am boring.. sighs.. I am gonna try and add something to it before the end of the day, we shall see.

OOO I forgot Chuck and I did Tigger and Pooh our first year together, then he has done the black robe and scary mask thing the past few years.. I am gonna find something odd for him today.. if it kills me

Through the years Stephanie has been a ghost (the first year she was two months old.. DIDNT care about the holiday.. how rude), Tinkerbell (cute green fairy costume and all), a las Vegas show girl (my favorite costume she ever did), a doll in a carriage (ok that was fun), a cowgirl, a pretty witch, so many princesses I lost count, a vampiress, last year she was kat von D, and this year she is dressing up as an evil fairy ( all in red with devils horns lol).. I called her Tankerbell lol

Danny the first few years humored his poor mom, he was a cowboy, batman, Woody from Toystory, spiderman, A werewolf, assorted other superheroes, a car accident victim (that was so evil but so fun, a star wars character, a pirate, and this year he is a werewolf again.. but a very cool werewolf

AJ has been the same cowboy, Robin (to dannys batman), Buzz Lightyear (to Dannys Woody), dracula, a baseball player, a car accident victim, a US Navy sailor with injuries fixed with duct tape (you have to know the Navy to get the joke lol), a Star Wars character, and this year he is going to be Mick Mars from Motley crue (dressed as a motley crue fan with a skeleton mask.)

mary has been tinkerbell, Belle, cinderella, a witch, a vampiress, a black cat, Princess Leia, Dorothy, a princess and now this year she is the corpse bride.. Mary has the whole female halloween thing down.. she likes the girly things. The past two years she has still wanted to be girly just "dead" @@ love when they grow up.. really.

David was a lion his first year (which was THE cutest costume EVER), a power ranger, Buzz Light year last year (a MUCH cooler one then AJ ever wore lol), and this year he is going to be a monkey.

Emily this year so far is a cute witch during the day (ya know the tshirt and leggings) and tonight will be a skunk. :o)~ I love halloween. We always do something to decorate for it.. whether its something on the door or windows.. but the house is decked out.

so happy halloween!! I hope it really brings out the little ghoul in you.

oh and um

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKIA!!! Your one of my favorite ghoul friends!!

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