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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WFD Wednesday

Today's blog title is familiar to anyone who has ever read a message board, for the rest of you, it means What's for Dinner Wednesday. I realize that it is only 10:01 AM, but for whatever reason I got up at OMG in the morning.. I would love to blame it on Emily but since she didn't even budge til 7.. well surely that won't fly... I got up at 5:45 this morning, I grabbed my phone called the bank as I do every morning to see what had cleared and what was in the account (remember yesterday when I told you I balance my checkbook? I failed to mention its usually done before my feet hit the floor.. unless there is a major discrepancy.. at any given moment I can tell you if what the bank and I both have listed is the same or not. *ahem its right.. go me* And its not as depressing as first thought so that was mildly encouraging. We aren't talking lets go out and splurge but if I want to get something extra at the grocery store for the kids its feasible. go me.

So did anyone else just notice i blogged for a WHOLE paragraph and never mentioned dinner?? I am getting to that.. promise... I then grabbed a shower..growled at the children to wake up.. growled at Danny because his belt for NJROTC is missing in action and of course its every one's fault but his.. cue the angst.. @@ While I KNOW we all lose things in this house.. I always seem to wonder why its NEVER the guilty party's fault.... it always seems that someone else caused it to happen.. ok.. we have to get Ida Know and Not Me out of this house (remember the ghosts from Family Circus?.. the mom would ask who broke this glass "Ida know" or "Not me".. that ghost lives here.... and um I am ready to move her to a new house.. just ask and you can have her.. promise)

Ok.. then I drove Chuck to work..then came home relieved Mel of Emily duty since she had to go to court today (not for her.. she had to go for work because some idiot decided he wanted to steal .. got caught and then decided he didn't want to pay the restitution he had to pa... wait it gets better.. then he decided to REVISIT the scene of the crime recently and do it again..ya know AGAINST his court order that told him to STAY off the property.. EGGEHEAD

Ok.. THEN I put dinner on (woohoo FINALLY she's on topic!!) I put on a BBQ pork roast that I slow cook on low for 8 hours. With it we will have cornbread (*I* think), tater tots (for my weird kids who won't eat white rice.. how can you NOT eat white rice.? I will never understand) and probably corn. Dessert will depend on whether or not I feel adventurous.. if I do.. i am thinking ice cream. (see I even tied in the splurge at the grocery store.. come on say your proud.. you KNOW your proud).

Ok. I am off to call the middle school back.... I have to go argue with them about the fact that they aren't taking AJ's disability into consideration and gave him Saturday school. AJ's teacher is well aware he has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).. he should be writing down homework at the BEGINNING of class.. no this idiot had him do it at the END of class..... he didn't get it written down in time due to his dysgraphia (it takes him 10 minutes to get things from his mind to his fingers they get scrambled) before he had to be in the NEXT class.. so the all knowing all seeing security guard sent him to the dean who gave him Saturday school.. So I am raising hoo ha because they are going 1) against his IEP and 2) against the Americans with disabilities act that says "a student with an IEP will have that IEP taken into consideration".. obviously.. they didn't... schools love me.. really they do..

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