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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...

Apparently... some people don't believe that sunday is a day of rest.... I can prove this three ways. of course if you ask Chuck he will tell me i am guilty of this as well, as we got up early (ok it was 9:30) to start sorting clothes in our garage... (trying to pull in the fall/winter stuff before we REALLY need it) I am also washing all of it because we moved and it still has that old house smell.. EWWWW..

1) Mel is actually home past 9 AM for the first time in about two weeks, she has to work again tonight, its not that she's a workaholic. well yes she is a workaholic, but its also that she really doesn't want to spend forever on my couch.. (I just don't understand her attitude.. we are fun people.. .ok so we are noisey... and um.. loud.. and the cat thinks she's his personal pillow. But she has had no time..someone called her this morning to see if she wanted to work.. imagine that she said no.. so then said chic asks her to ask Chuck.. um No lol.. she told him he wasnt here. and it was true.. he ran to Foodlion for Gravy for the porkroast. Anyways..... That poor girl has had no rest... she needs it. .badly.. now we just gotta tell her that!! Shes allegedly off on Wednesday i think i am gonna hide her keys

2) As noted above.. while we are also watching football, we are doing laundry, cleaning up around the house, and shortly I am going to start cooking dinner.. dinner tonight is a Porkroast, my homemade mac and cheese and a veggie.. I am not sure what veggie but a veggie. mmmmm ok maybe working on Sunday isn't so bad.. and Stephanie made brownies. have I mentioned how awesome my house smells? i think I am going to make pumpkin cookies tonight too. (they are so easy and just heavenly). WOW I have total blog ADHD today i am all over the place.

3) ok.. this is where I out my dear friend for this blog.... Sweet wonderful Nikia... I love you, but as you can see I wasn't doing nothing as i didn't post this blog, I was doing other stuff. so SEE while I too love the Amish (the books are divine.. wow.. ok no pun intended I swear.. but they are really good!!!) But no I am not Amish and I do work on Sunday.. and I curse way too much to be Amish.. so there :oP

so what have you done today?? Happy Sunday!! I hope its relaxing!!


Mel said...

Keys? What Keys?

I can't believe Hercules shared me with Socks this morning. Although since Socks is the woman...he probably got told he was sharing his new pillow.



Mel said...

as for working too much. I haven't been home long enough to wash the clothes or shave my legs. Now Tricia has a laundry fetish, so the clothes are clean, unless I hide them!! Now if only I could find someone to shave my legs...

M ;-)

Tricia said...

I love you but I am not doing that.. I will however post an ad on craiglist if it gets too bad ok? and again i repeat if you didnt want them washed you wouldnt leave them out.

fyrgrl said...

B I T E M E! ! You love me and you know! Your live would not be the same without and If you and Mel are in the same house wtf are ya'll typing on here?? LOL

Mel said...

and i repeat..just where can i hide them in a living room with no cupboards or closets?

it was all part of your evil plan when you gave me the front room.
that or you are selling tickets to the guys across the street..wiht the lack of curtains..surely there's a show to be

Tricia said...

Yes we are in the same house, but two rooms apart, and its not that I live in a mansion...its just easy to type then move lol..

and Mel we arent selling tickets. we auction them off. makes more money