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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creepy critters at 3 AM

I know I shouldn't post what happened to me at 3 AM, I know because when my husband and children read this I am going to be teased unmercifully. And when they are done, the snickers and giggles will go on for days afterwards... ok... :::deep breaths::::: I can do this... I get up at 3 AM to use the bathroom (note to self STOP drinking a bottle of water before bed), I don't flip the light on because I know how many steps it takes to get the potty.. thats right I got potty skills. I am taking care of business and out of the corner of my eye i see something about 2 inches long wiggling... i freaked "OMG we have mice!" I jumped up and start stomping on the mouse... i am stomping and stomping like some crazed lunatic.... yea.. then i realize i feel nothing crushing.....or scampering or anything... so i flip on the light...i had killed it.. it was murdered in my bathroom! Victory was mine.. that wad of toilet paper was never going to harm anyone again. Yep. thats right I am one lean mean tp killing machine..

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