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Thursday, October 23, 2008

And in this corner......

Weighing in at a whopping 61 lbs... ROCKY. Yep.. thats right he's home.. well he didn't actually hit anyone (that I know of) he did however decide today was NOT a day to listen. I am telling you... I think they have Chuck on speed dial.... Fabulous. I feel like I owe the teacher a day at the Spa for her Christmas present or at least two or three therapy sessions. Oy vey. He came in and we did homework, he is ridiculiously smart. Part of me kept thinking, maybe he doesn't get it. I have now seen that he gets it. He knows almost all his letters and numbers, can color and cut (on the LINE!), and read me the book "Patterns" I am sure they read it in the class but stilll.......

There is a teenager on TV who was playing with a gun and the gun went off and killed her.. I have problems with this on SO many levels. 1) why did the teenager have access to the gun in the first place? and 2) why was it loaded? I realize that with where the gun shot happened it is in the same crappy area we used to live in. MSNBC had an article on our old neighborhood.. discussing how 20 people have been shot there this year..5 of them since we moved.. 4 of those in our old cul de sac. Thank God we are gone. The latest one shot in that neighborhood was a 15 year old boy. Tragic. Someone who's life should just be starting and now he's gone. My daughter and son used to play on that playground.. my mind keeps running a mile a minute thinking 'what if' I know you aren't supposed to do that.. but how do you NOT do that? I am just thankful we are all safe.

I took a nap yesterday at 3:30, I haven't done that in months but I was just worn out yesterday. I landed up waking up to a night fright in a cold sweat, I have no idea what I dreamed about I just know I blocked it. I do that when they are really bad. I was scared to go to sleep last night that the same dream would return. Sadly I know when I am awake that they are just dreams and they can't hurt me, but when they hit, its hard to tell myself its ok to go to sleep. I haven't had any in awhile, and I am sure its lifes stresses that are bringing them back. Sucks.

on an upnote its Thursday and with Thursday comes Ugly Betty, Grey's anatomy and ER. WOOHOO ;o)~ something to look forward to. ;o)~

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