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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interim reports

Interim reports are a schools way of telling you how your child is doing, we all remember those lovely days when we were in school... where we would plot in our minds what to tell our parents "SHE HATES ME!" "SHE FAILED EVERYONE ELSE TOO!" oh and my personal favorite "I didn't get one" ::::As I scrawled my dads name on my interim, I was so good at it my friends had me sign there's too:::::: It wasn't that I got horrible grades in school, I actually did pretty well, but the interim for me was usually the slap me silly time of the quarter "oh crap. they really did WANT that homework assignment" I never wanted that wake up call and now the usual suspects I am SURE are feelng the same.

The social changed to protect the guilty.. why am i protecting her.. eh why not. Did great in most subjects but has two (one the same one as LAST year....geometry.. ARGH!!!) Anyways she told me that the teacher said its REALLY a D we shall see on Monday. conference day... fun stuff... The other subject is Enviormental science...her teacher again told her it should be higher.. we shall see.. the rest are excellent.. she does very well but can't grasp Geometry.. we are one step from a tutor.. :::Volunteers please send applications::::: ***edit*** to include that when i saw the social butterflys actual interim and her Enviormental science grade has been changed to an A.

The gamer.... I am shocked to report that the gamer brought home an impressive interim report!!! There was one grade that requires some make up work.. but on the whole i am sooo proud of him!! School adjustments have always been rough for the Gamer but damn if he didn't pull it off.. Go kid go!!

The baseball player.... is going to get my foot in his tooshie if he doesnt start applying himself more. apparently he doesn't understand civics and they did place him in a mainstream class (He has an IEP(individualized education plan) and should be in an inclusion class..I will be barking about that on Monday as well) grrrrrr. the baseball player needs a 2.0 to play in the spring. the baseball player needs to get working on that.

Lil Miss Firecracker... was labeled as being nearly unteachable last year.. .gee maybe it was the school.. she has the MOST amazing interim!! she got o's (for outstanding and V's for Very good, and S's for satisfactory. . NO Bad notes.. i am so tickled you don't understand.. this child has been through the ringer since she had Satans little sister as a teacher in second grade (the first time) so to be told what a bright wonderful daughter I have made my day!!

Rocky doesnt have a interim but we have a conference on Monday.. i am scared of what she has to say... "rocky is a good student but would be better fitted in a boxing ring" groans.....

I will reupdate this blog when we get the actual report cards... in the meantime.. pray for me.. and pray for them that I don't kill them..

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