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Monday, October 20, 2008

Being the grown up.

Sometimes it sucks to be the grown up. Sometimes its not fair, and sometimes you want to pull your hair out and do what you did when you were four and hold your breath until someone gives in. But.. its not practical...and blue really isn't my color.

Grown ups pay bills...Mortgage, car, car insurance, power, water, cell phone bill, credit card bills (2 left woohoo!), food for the family, Internet and cable (hey I deserve one vice.. that one is mine), clothes as needed, and so many misc things its too much to list (Class rings, field trips, lab fees, class dues and more)

Grown ups realize that some things are more important then others.. and sometimes, yes it truly does suck to be the grown up. I would love to be one of those people who are free to run and roam when they see fit, to eat out (ok I had lunch out yesterday and it cost me more then I thought it would, in cash and guilt for spending so much money).. but... I have responsibilities and with great responsibilities come great sacrifices. (movies.. dinner night. nails..) It happens.. It SUCKS but it happens.

Growing up comes with alot of things that in the end you just want to scream, but it also comes with great rewards. My kids may not have designer brands, but they are dressed and clean. My house may not be straight out of Better home and Gardens, but its my home. My nails may not be pretty, but my lights are on. My hair may not be stylish, but I have the freedom to play on the Internet when I want. My car may not be snazzy, but its insured and the payment is made. My world may not be glamarous, but its perfect with tiny finger prints all over it. So while it sucks to have to cut corners, at least I know which ones to cut.

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