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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have such a unique and colorful family. We have six children, and while I know that is unheard of nowadays, if i had to do it over again, I certainly wouldn't skip anyone.... ok MAYBE the teenagers on those rotten teenager days :::and YOU know who YOU are::::nah not even then. I adore my kids. Of course while its very hard to not be noticed while we are out anywhere "wow how many do you have?" reply "One. the other five are just following the cute one in the cart" "how do you feed them all?" reply "We slop em in the morning, noon and night" @@ honestly... people ask stupid questions but I know why.. and it hit me the other day... its not that my family is a freak show.. its mostly.. because of other families who feel the need to put their families on display. Only now after watching some of them. I know we are normal. While we may have to wait for the bathroom, and we may take longer then most families in a buffet line, we are NOT so abnormal...

Which brings me to my point, I have discovered on Monday night on TLC they showcase three families.. each one has similarities to my family.. but I watch and that what people think of when they see us? Oy vey. First of all, let me go on record as stating I ADORE Little People Big World and of the whole line up, I think the Roloff's are the most normal of the group. I think while they have their own challenges, they are an amazing family. They have overcome so much and done it with class and elegance. At times I think Matt's a little over the top (ok seriously. if Chuck came up with half the ideas Matt does, I would kick his tail) but on the whole they are pretty normal....

Then they have the Goslings.. Jon and Kate plus 8. I think the way she runs her house is great! She has control of everything.. but.... sometimes you have to let the control reigns go.. just a little bit. I am not sure I could ever be so uptight, but I do admire her skills to keep 8 kids organized. And I think minus that she yells at Jon soo much, they are genuinely a happy family and again pretty normal...

Which brings me to the last family on TLC at night. The Duggars. Wow. I am not even sure what to say about them. Personally they remind me of a cult.. they are so uniform its scary. They only one that seems to have a personality is the youngest son, who calls himself the lone ranger (hold on to that thought Tonto!) they are deeply religious and there is NOTHING wrong with that.. but...I am convinced she has to be drinking more in her coffee cup each day. Nobody can be that happy all the time and with 17 kids and number 18 on the way, you can bet I would have snapped LONG ago.. or maybe thats just it.. maybe what we are seeing on TV is the "snapped" version of Mama Duggar.. or maybe its just that she's afraid one day they will kick her out of the cult because her name doesn't start with a J (She's Michelle and then everyone else has a J name) While I am sure they too are very nice people (I have no doubt of that actually.. I am not sure they know how to be mean)... I so badly want to see what would happen if they were all given $100 and sent into a store (NOT walmart or Sears.. can't you see them doing the Brady Bunch escalator dance in Sears? sorry I had a moment i am back) but a real store and say "ok your moms not here.. go get something you want.. don't you wonder if one of the girls would grab something trashy? Or would we find out that one of the boys is gay and actually a cross dresser? I just can't see a family of 18 not having ONE kid who wants to be Goth or something ya know? And if they are ALL that normal.. did the lobotomy's the parent's administered hurt? If not where do I sign up? :o)~ kidding.. I think..

More tomorrow until then have a lovely day

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