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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Misc Musings

Misc thoughts of my day... today is Sunday, I should not be required to stay on one topic so today I make it totally ok to go off topic. Like it matters but my blog my rules :o)~.

I love taking Emily out anywhere..she has this desire to bop and move whenever we are like she has a jukebox on in her head. People think it is hilarious and we constantly hear people stop and say to her "Get it girl" as she sits there and bounces up and down.... and funnier then that she is worse if there is actual music... she LOVES to dance. And I think she may have escaped Mommys white girl can't dance rhythm....WOOHOO.

This morning we woke up at 9:30... do you know how nice it was to sleep in? do you know hoad sad it is that 9:30 is now sleeping in? We did get greeted by Mary and David around 8:30 something about the dog biting Mar because she wouldn't let him eat the chocolate David got down because David is half mountain goat and climbs the counters to get the chocolate down.. fabulous.. THANK God he didnt get the pumpkin kisses..which btw I did find and OMG are so good.

Argh the stupid St Louis Rams just scored a touchdown against the Redskins.. its now 10-7. sighs.. maybe this is the day they finally blow it. ;o( I hope not..

Ok... so the grouchies went away for a few days.. they have returned.. .sighs.. it was nice while it lasted.. blah.

I have decided that I love the smell of homebaked items.. cookies. .cakes whatever.. the bad part is then you are almost inlcined to eat them all. .. damn. the holidays are around the corner.. with that comes every possible good smelling food. Yum-O .. so diet in January bring in 2009 right.. for now...just go.

Tomorrow is conference day so tomorrows blog will be late because I am sure I will have ALOT to blog about after talking to Davids teacher......I also have a feeling that the high school conferences will be enlightening... to say the least.. Until them I am going to go watch the Redskins blow this game.

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