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Monday, October 27, 2008


I am always so in awe of people who have so much strength, whether it is someone who has gone through amazing losses and overcome, someone who has overcome an illness, or even someone I can say "is my hero". Strength.. its such a big word with so many different meanings.

My Mom is so strong, but if you were to confront her and tell her so, she would deny it. But she is, this woman has been through soo many things, her brother had a massive heartattack and passed away, her parents had strokes, and in turn passed away, her teenage daughter got pregnant, and by the time we were all ready to realize it wasn't so serious, her grandson passed away (Me. and Matthew), her son died from AIDS, and then if God hadn't kicked her in the teeth enough, her husband died. She still manages to dredge on to take care of her family, and only takes a few minutes of each day to lick her wounds. I have never heard "why me" come out of her mouth.. but damn if I don't say it for her or me too for that matter. My mom is a pillar of strength.

My father in law, overcame cancer. he is a little slower but he is so strong. I got an email from them this morning, and wow he's such an amazing guy. he is another one I am proud of his strength, when the going got tough he got going.

My kids. my kids don't get everything they should, they are happy healthy and clothed, but they don't fight and cry and whine. they don't care if their shoes are from walmart or if the are Nikes. My kids are amazing. And very strong. They put up with a lot, ok and they give alot too (yes, grief too)

Strength. its a big word.. and everyone has different meanings for it. To me the strong are people who don't just survive they thrive. Or in my case they thrive to survive. ;o)~ lol. I am not sure I am a "strong" person.. but I definitely try to be. Kudos to those who have strength, t those who can take lemons and make lemonaide.

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