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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Frusturations

Today is not a good day.. i woke up in a snit, and I still in a snit. While I could simmply say that and leave this blog empty. . I really think if i don't get out whats on my mind, i am going to lose my mind..........

Its the complete aggrivation that at the end of the day, i have paid all the bills due this week to the best of my ability and left in its wake is $60.. fab. Thank God we have food or we would be in trouble.. now i just get to worry about little things like Gas. Chuck isn't one of those people that has to eat every meal out of the house. He usually will grab something he can munch on during the day or eat when he gets home. Remember those nails I talked about in I think my second or third blog? They are leaving probably by the end of the weekend.. I have two popping up and ya know as nice as they are.. they aren't a necessity.. i love having them.. i love that for two weeks i would look down see them and smile, but its not worth it.. that money is better spent on diapers or wipes or things the older kids need. So on my list of things to go.. good bye nails.

Stephanie came home with three different papers from school.. ALL of them want money.. $153 for a field trip to Washington DC, $200 for a class ring,$75 for something with the swim team, although I think that one has been dropped.. she get's irked when we tell her no, but I merely ask her to point me to the money tree.

The other frusturations come from grumpyness. and sadly its not just one person it seems like everyone has an attitude.. and I am tired of it.. Everyone is pissy and grumpy. the only one who seems to smile at me is Emily and even she growls periodically. Lucky for her we can blame teeth with her. :o)~

i am gonna go be Oscar the grouch in my corner.. I promise to try and be less grouchy tomorrow.

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