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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WhatNot Wednesday

I have no idea what a "whatnot" is.. but ya know its like when you were talking to your grandmother so many years ago and she would go on and on and she would tell you that "So so and the family were coming for a visit and Whatnot" So today is What not wednesday because its pretty much the kitchen sink right?

Last night Stephanie ordered her class ring. No her father didn't help.. because he "can't". I guess its more important to take care of the girlfriends needs. whatever. We found the perfect ring.. she got the classic class ring,with her information etched into it, and the same stone I got... 20 years ago. Gulp. Is that possible? I was telling the Balfour guy I still have my ring, he looks at me and sas "WOW not many people can say that". I love my ring.. I see it everyday.. on Chuck's finger. He took it from me in December of 2001 and I have only gotten visitation about 3 times since then.

oooo speaking of Chuck.....he paid attention to my blog and cleaned the room last night. I am quite excited. I mean we have more we could do, but its still something. ( see Chuck i said i would mention it)

Danny is doing NJROTC with Stephanie...where Stephanie takes it so seriously I am fairly certain the Navy is in a WORLD of trouble if she joins because she's so damn bossy..Danny is more laxed... he wears the uniform.. but forgets his belt.. (which is a no no), he goes outside without his squid lid (Garrison, pisscutter, or whatever else his hat is called.. personally though i like squid lid lol) I figure in time he will take it seriously.. but for Danny.. right now he is just enjoying being part of something in school that isnt associated with being a nerd.

AJ recently has started taking on this almost snotty boy attitude.. i couldnt figure it out until literally 1:30 AM when I was watching Discovery Health.. (yea don't ask. I am not sure what I was doing up either.. except sorting baby clothes) Anyways.. apparently... attitude is BIG in redheaded boys who are going through puberty.. THANK God hes my last redheaded boy eh? Sensitive.. grumpy.. and just genuinely an alien compared to my usual AJ.. the next few months should be FUNNNN.

Emily has found her first favorite person other then any of us..... she loves.. Elmo. damn. I am the one who laughs at the people who spend 50 bucks buying the Elmos who dance etc. But of course they have an Elmo live at BJ's. and we were pushing his foot to see what he does. Emilys in love. She was moving stuff in the cart out of her way to get to Elmo. something tells me at some point hes going to be in my house. fun fun fun. :o)~

Until next time "Elmo loves you.. mmm hmmm" (yes, thats what he says)

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Mel said...

Elmo loves you is one of my favorite books, (right behind anything Thumper related and Good Night Moon, which I still have memorized.) Dominic and I used to read it every night! Looks Like I have to find some books for Em too!!!!