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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sanity is overrated

This whole week has been a little off kilter, we have the Navy crap we are dealing with, the inability of Rocky Balboa to behave, the older kids with the urge to fight, scream yell about pretty much everything, AJ deciding homework isn't necesary so he just won't do it.. (yea let's see if you play baseball in the spring big boy),my allergies in overdrive and if that doesn't suck NO damn drugs to go with them.. HOW rude!, the not so mighty dollar and my want to spend money i shouldn't and even though i want to.. won't spend, and .. and ya know I feel like Murphy (of Murphys law fame) is waiting to mule kick me right in the proverbial nads.. .

I need a vacation.. I need a break from reality.. I need money to do.. so instead I am going to take a five minute mini vacation via my blog.... :::::Tropical theme song plays in the background::::awwwwwww.. yea this isn't working for me either.. but hey it sounded good.. Hmmm.. let's think.. what can we do to relax.. massage.. ohh that sounds nice.... only.. with Chuck the massage starts out good and then it leads to foreplay which leads to sex.. which isn't a bad thing, but in return we land up with me awake still needing relaxation and Chuck snoring.. WTF is that. they can be wide awake watching sports center they "exhaust" themselves in well, let's be real.... 10-15 tops and then BAM sleeping like babies... i want that.. i want to be able to get rid of my stress and go to sleep...choice 2 how about a drink... oooo a glass of wine.. at 10:44 AM. there has to be somethine taboo about this.. damn. oh well.. coffee oh yea i need me more jittery.. soda.. nah.. water... sounds good but the excitement isnt there.... unlike David who is so excited by the sprayer in the sink he informs us "this is going to be SO aewsome!" when you get him a glass of water oh to be four again.. hmmmm ok choice 3.. good book... Emily is now moving I open the book I start to read, she comes over to read with me. the book lands up on the floor next to me. She climbs up next to me sits on me and then moves over to me.. that relaxing book has now become play time.. and the theory of well what about naptime? We don't nap that long.. I clean up then relax.. as soon as I sit down she has a radar. DING shes sitting... so my relaxation is blogging.. you poor souls.. I think I post 1 to 2 a day because i am able to scream without yelling.. AWESOME :o)~ This is very therapeutic... and ya know therapy is expensive I can blog for free.. sooo i close this today with three words

VIVA LE BLOG!!! long live the blog!!! woohoo. yes I know i am crazy... as i state in the start sanity is overrated.. i live in my own little world.. but its ok they know me here.. ok back later time to find out what the little cherub did.... by cherub i mean Rocky.

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