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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Work from home....

ok. i was reading an article on AOL the other day at various work at home jobs, so now a list of what i would like to see as work at home jobs:

1) TV show watcher: You work too many hours? can't stay caught up on all those shows? Let me help you I will watch your shows, and tell you what you missed.. damn wait.. thats already been done.. by the different TV stations.. next....

2) Teenage social activity oragnizer. Are you in high school.. can't keep track of your schedule?? Need to respond to 80 text messages and only have time for 70.. no problem. I will reply for you.. wait can't do that either... I am not capable of typing in fonts.. sorry.. ARGH that drives me insane to read "UR so gr8, my 'rents and i are going to eat. ttyl. " ok that was easy to understand.. I have seen worse.. It got so bad with stephanies best friend I told her not to text me unless it was in english.

3) Federal disaster area declarer.. ok is that even a word ? but i have two teenage sons, a teenage daughter and a tween.. TRUST me... I know disaster areas.. and I am not afraid to make the declaration when needed.. besides any one who has ever been a teenager has heard this phrase "your room looks like a cyclone hit it" see I even have experience from my youth.. ohh more money!

4) Joan Friday- Yea i know its supposed to be Joe Friday.. blame the boobs.. I can do lots of stuff but none of it people want.. or least of all want to pay for it.. my talents include:

Organizer.. I am a helluva organizer.. I can sort anything and make a small space big. Its a gift..
Cook : don't wanna cook? I'll do it.. I can feed your family a healthy good meal that will leave you full and ready for a night with the TV or even bed.
laundry: I love to do laundry.. my poor friend Mel can't even leave things in a hamper without me washing, drying and folding them... my reply to her "If you didnt want it washed you wouldnt leave it out." Ok.. seriously she has no choice.. nowhere else to put it.. we will have to work on that.. in the meantime it pacifies me and I don't hear alot of complaining
Grocery list and menu planner: I can grocery shop and plan menus like a demon... Its a skill. i can share.
Budget: the government should hire me.. I am GOOD. lol.

ok.. seriously... we all need something.. .but i want mine from home.. I don't want to telemarket (I loathe cold calls) but I want to do something. suggestions wanted.. :o)~ serious and funny who doesnt need a good laugh.. oh and if anyone knows someone looking for Joan friday.. send them my way.

Until next time dear readers....

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