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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It feels like i am falling for Fall.

ok if you have ever been subjected to Noggin you have heard Moose A Moose sing this song.. but today that is me. I LOVE fall!! I heart fall!! I love that my long pants are back.. (woohooo Goodbye razor burn... ok not total goodbye.. just not as often.. hello winter coat!). My long sleeve shirts are back, and may i say with having Emily last January i am able to wear ALOT of them I wasn't able to wear last year!! (insert WOOHOO here). .. my hoodies.. my beloved hoodies are back.. (now if someone will please send me help as to how to keep the teenagers off of them, my gratefulness will never end).

I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread and pumpkin smells!! I love pumpkin!! (btw if anyone finds the pumpkin hershey kisses.. let me know.. I can't find them and i am DYING lol). I love pumpkin (although Jones and Co pumpkin soda is blech )

I love watching the trees change, one of my favorite things about having this house, is seeing the big tree outfront changing colors.. its so pretty. ask me again in two months when the tree is bald.. and then i am sad. yea i know I make no sense. I love the smell of the air during fall, I love the look.

I love the neat stuff you see in the stores, the decorations and the new items.. we have ghosts on our windows and skeletons on our porch.. we are so seasonal!!! I love having a place to decorate and make so much fun. I love that the holidays are drawing closer, and that means time with my family and good times (when we arent fighting we really do love each other)

I love that you can turn off the AC and open the windows, that you can sleep in comfy cozy pjs insteado of next to nothing. I love apple cider, and the crunch a fresh apple makes. But since i started by quoting moose a moose i will continue and also say I have to agree with him.. "cause i don't like candy corn.. NO I don't like candy corn" ok.. its not that bad.. but its not my favorite... ;o)~

Happy FALL!! If you haven't already done so . fall for fall!!

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Flip Flop Mommy said...

I live in FL it's never fall here, 2 weeks of cold and then it's hot again. LOL Love ya