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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Haha Made you look!!!

You were thinking when you saw that little bitty Happy New Year, well she got her first one in for 2009, we won't hear from her til friday.. WRONG. I am still as addicted in the first 12 hours of 2009 as I was the past um 3 months of 2008.. thats right ROCK on......I am blogging again! go me! Ok.. I need help.. I can say that... this is my therapy. Its cheap, its fun, and um I dont have to lay on a couch to spill my guts.. THATS just the bonus. :o)~ Awesome.

OK.. so I sat here and thought... what do I need to do more of in 2009 and I have made a list. That's right a list, go ahead.. be afraid.. its perfectly normal and even politically correct. See? I am not normal, but see.. again.. Thats why you all keep coming back. you are waiting for the day to see "Tricia's blog is closed because the men in the white coats finally came and took her away" They're coming to take me away ha ha ho ho hee hee.. anyone else remember that song from the 80s or I am just that old?.. dont answer that.. unless your Mel.. shes older then me :o)~.. yes i know Mel.. "bite me" I got it.

Sorry I got away from the point of this blog... to list my PLANS for 2009.. thats right plans.. not resolutions.. i can do plans.. i can NOT do resolutions.. so maybe we just need to change the name:

1) I plan to do one thing for me each month, go get a cup of Starbucks, go to a movie, get my toes done, something small something nice.. but something for me.

2) I plan to go on a date at least ONCE a month. With my husband (he would SO not approve if it was with someone else). I plan to do dinner, or a movie, or something at least ONCE a month. because we need it.

3) I plan to keep my laundry caught up, because I love that it is no longer in control of my life. Go me. well and Chuck and Stephanie too for moral support..

4) I plan to eat better, yes, that means healthy but it also means that one meal a week, Stephanie and i are going to go into a cookbook, or a recipe site (please send me any you guys have) and we are going to try something new. And if the people in the house don't eat it.. they can have hotdogs. ;o)~ Such a good mom huh?

5) I plan on exploring my cultural side. I promise this means more then "I am going to drink wines from different countries or of different colors" (oooo but thats good, i am gonna keep that too!!), I plan to learn stuff and read more then smut.

6) I plan to be more confident in myself, I am sorry of always feeling like I am on the outside of the world looking in, I plan to be confident.

7) I plan on telling people what i think rather then letting it stew up until i have to explode.. and here is the shock.. are you ready? I did it this morning.. i told my brother why i got so upset at Christmas. and he listened and wasnt a jerk.. I think i am impressed.

8) I plan on taking control of my life, and keeping control of it. Someway some how.

Ok. i think that does it. Will it work? I hope so. ;o)~ But i figure since i said plans not resolutions it just might.

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Mel said...

Okay, so this blogging thing isn't a phase, as our mothers used to label EVERYTHING we did...

As for knowing the song...
You typed take me away...
I said ha ha outloud before I kept reading... I'm afraid...

Love your resolutions.
They are positive ones. none of that "quitting" stuff that makes you feel punished. And they are all things that the people who love you will be excited to encourage and support you in.

Coz, I love you, but I don't think I could support your sudden desire to skydive or do that shark cage thing before 2010.

I too have chosen the healthy/confident thing as my resolution. I'm tired of faking happy and chipper. I want to BE happy and chipper.

So we'll push each other up those stairs eh??

You can do it, by the way. All of it. Because when you set your mind to are a force of nature!!
(omg I have read one too many of those notes from the universe haven't I?)

Be that as it may, You are gonnd ROCK 2009's face off.

(sigh I miss josh groban...)

luv ya

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