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Friday, January 30, 2009

Five things on Friday

1) Last night our heater decided it was having emotional issues and needed the night off.. thus dying.. thus making the house a lovely 59 degrees and thus hearing me curse out anyone in my path to find out why the @#)%*@ thing wasn't working. oops. Turns out it needed a new switch.. and 95 dollars later.. its fixed (only so cheap because the part was under warranty.. whew)

2) Thanks to last nights lovely events, I got hardly any sleep and would love to take a nap, I however have a one year old that has discovered how to get into trouble..and a four year old who I think taught the seminar. Fun stuff. I cant wait to see the first teenager today... and you have NO idea how bad lol

3) So I saw on the news that the lady who just had octoplets has six kids previously. wow. She took fertility drugs AFTER having six kids. I have to say .. that kind of ticks me off. It seems like 1) this is a massive abuse of the system and 2) how cruel is it that people who want JUST one baby can't get the help they want, but she has six had help and landed up with 8 more. I have a problem with this.

4) Note to self.. before one lights a fire in the fire place.. open the flue.. right Chuck. I wont say anything else to protect the innocent.. but last night our house resembled a really smoky night club from the 60s for a few minutes ;o)~ even with the corny music since we were watching American Idol. :o)~

5) Speaking of American Idol... I hope someone from Hollywood week makes me love them..because this season I am JUST not feeling it. I do however like the new female judge. She has the brain cells Paula seems to be lacking so often. And that is nice to see. I just sort of wish the show had a little more oomph this year.

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