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Monday, January 12, 2009

Murphy and his law can kiss my big......

TOE!! We get a second car, the first one gets a jealousy complex and decides hey thats it i am not gonna START for you anymore.. no no not the battery.. that would be a quick cheap simple date.. .this instead is like that girl at the prom who has to have the big pricey dress, the stretch limo, the expensive dinner etc.. Yea my car is the Queen instead of being the easy chick who would settle for McDonalds dollar menu. The ignition thingee (I am so technically car challenged its a thingee and a doo hickey ok??) has decided that its not gonna work anymore. We go to start the car and the key won't turn, thankfully my intelligent teenage daughter (no, its not an oxymoron) called a friend who told Chuck how to temporarily fix it (IE the redneck way.. shove something up something and twist... if you want technical names for this stuff I suggest google ok?).

If that is not enough for my brain which is already between drive and super overdrive, friends of ours had their children taken away by CPS today. :o( Sadly, this has been coming for awhile, and no matter how hard it is to hear this, its even harder that i worry in the 21 days they have to organize their life and make their home safe, they will not be able to do it. I have offered her my help and my prayers, but i am not sure what else I can offer her. She is a wonderful person, very sweet but they have messes that I am not sure how she will ever get a handle of. My suggestion did not go over well, their house was foreclosed on, they have to leave, I suggested grab what you really need, get into a new house, make it nice start over. I was told that is too hard. ;o( but i am not sure in 21 days they can make this house what the county wants it to be. I am so worried for them. I am sick about it... please pray for them if you pray, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, Chuck got a reply back from the Sallie Mae loan paperwork we filled out for his financial aid for school (this will only be until his GI bill kicks into place) but its like a major leap that yes, he is going to school and yes, this is a good thing just very shocking. I am excited for him because I know this is a good thing. And then....we asked the IRS for a transcript of our taxes LAST thursday.. they told me 10 days because they are busy... our shock it arrived TODAY! WOW!! That made my day.. we can get everything for school submitted and I can breathe just a little bit easier officially. Woo hoo. :o)~ Only i cant because now i will stress about all the things we have to do to prepare him for school (crayons, paper, pens.. kidding... he won't get to color.. at least not yet lol).

That Murphy sure does have a sense of humor eh?

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