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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

My beautiful Stephanie has created a blog called "Thirsty Thursday" This isn't like what drinks you thirst for.. ok.. it will be this week for me. you will see that here.. in a minute. But in the meantime the meaning behind her blog is what do you thirst for? is it good? is it bad? for instance Stephanie posted she thirsts to meet the Jonas Brothers again lol. Ok now onto Thirsty Thursday....

I thirst for the ability to pay my bills on time and not get at least one "please stand by we have an important phone call for you" phone call at least once a month

I thirst for a REALLY ice cold dr pepper... not diet.. just a real one.. but i am gonna be strong..

I thirst for water.. ok not really.. but if I type it out loud maybe I can convince myself I do lol

I thirst for a good book to read, and I am debating about it being "The Love Dare"

I thirst to see my mom, I miss her.

I thirst to hear good music in person because its been WAY too long.

I thirst to shampoo my carpets because is just necessary lol. (no they aren't stiff and gross but they have little spots from little ones and big ones that spill)

I thirst for George Clooney's ER return (hubba hubba)

I thirst to see my children grow up and what they will become

I thirst for a TALL drink with an umbrella in it... so bad.

I thirst for a bubble bath without interruption, to pee without interruption, I thirst for ANYTHING involving the bathroom without interruption.

:o)~ so whatcha thirsty for today?? share share share


Wayne said...

Theres somthing on my page for you

Anonymous said...

Did you see Fireproof??? You should read the shack. =)