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Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday....

Welcome to this weeks edition of NOT me Monday. Where I tell you the things that I did not do so you will all know that I am June Cleaver and NOT Joan Crawford.....

I did NOT cry this morning because my littlest baby is now 1. Nope that would be silly. .who cries over birthdays? Nor did I look at Mary and notice that she is "blossoming" and think oh my god.. shes growing up too and sniffle again.

I did NOT let Chuck play hookie today because well he should be at work NOT using a vacation day in the first week of the new year.

I did NOT curse at someone in the parking lot at BJ's to hear David echo me.. ooops.

I did NOT take away Emilys bottle today.. because that would be mean. nope.. I sure didn't.. but um shes doing fine :o)~

I did NOT yell about wire hangers in the closet.. haha kidding seriously.. i did not yell but I wanted to see if you all were paying attention ;o)~ and for those of you who are too young to have seen Mommie Dearest.. that saddens me.. deeply

OOOO I did NOT thoroughly enjoy watching Davids principal squirm today, as i gave her the humdinger of a label we got for him (his doctor thinks he has aspergers.. and yes this is the first time i have mentioned it by name.. i plan on blogging about it this week) and watch her face as she asked me "how did I miss this?" (her degree is in special education) No I didn't enjoy it because that would be mean.. I enjoyed it because she made me so upset when she asked for a label in the first place.

And finally.. I did NOT just eat the last piece of cake with Emily while David and Mary ate the last piece of ice cream cake because we knew there wasnt enough for everyone but just the perfect amount for us and everyone else is at school and what they dont know wont hurt me ;o)~

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Mrs B said...

Awesome job with the principal. I am sure you were much more gracious than I would have been. How irritating.