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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Women and Cars.. and other misc items.

Our ignition cylinder doohickie thing is still not working.. we have tried the various solutions and each one has worked.. temporarily. but last night when we went to BJ's and the darn car died.. it was my last straw. It was either we take ol bessy out in the yard and shoot her, or we get her fixed. At first I was ready to go buy the gun, but then i started to google... and google... and google. I was NOT going to lose this battle.. to the car.. no sir. Or if I was, I wasn't going to go down without a fight. So, I found out through various websites on the Chrysler town and country the most common ignition problem is with the ignition lock clyinder (oh yea I sound like an expert now huh??) Anyways, so Chuck calls the auto parts store, they tell us thats a dealer issue.. call a dealer.. yikes. I talk to my nephew who says he can replace it and ok.. maybe we can do this etc.. so this morning, I call the dealer. Part is $91.85, but we have to take it to a locksmith who will do something so our key works.. um ok. So I call a locksmith to get a price. I talk to someone who was nice and didn't treat me like a moron (Score one for locksmith dude) he is going to come here todayand fixing it for like 1/2 what we were originally quoted. God Bless him he says he does this ALL the time on Chrysler town and countrys. lovely. Sorry if you own one and i just passed on bad news.. ;o(

Hmm. in other news....we got back emilys one year pictures and they are so cute. (biased me? no chance) this is the first child who i had one year pictures done and there isn't one of her screaming because she got fed up with the photographer. woohoo!! that means a lot to a mom.. trust me. Here are her pictures.... Isn't she just the cutest? (again.. biased who me?)

I am so tickled that they came out so well, she looks like such a perfect little lady, watch this will be my kid who goes goth or decides to be a tom boy. Its Murphy and his stupid law again.. grrr...oh well i still have LOTS of years of making her dainty and cute... woohoo
The new season of American Idol has started there are a few people who I look forward to seeing more of .. but for the most part um.. .eh.. I have only seen two that I am REALLY impressed with.. the last lady last night was amazing.. and one of the guys from last night. But for the most part I am still hoping for the wow factor. I am sure it will be there.. but its just not yet. Is anyone else watching and did i miss the wow factor boat on someone? its ok to tell me I am wrong if you saw one.. you won't hurt my feelings.. promise ;o)~
Ok.. i am gonna cut this short, I have a few things to do today before i got invaded by the kids.. (I love half days.. I love half days..) oh wait.. this just in.. Stephanies school is on lockdown because a kid pulled a gun on another kid.. someone has GOT to explain to me what the hell is wrong with kids and society these days.. And the kicker is we MOVED out of the bad area.. WTF. .a friend has a sticker on cafemom page it says "don't hit seriously.. don't they carry guns now" funny but sad that its true.. really really sad. ;o( They say nobody was hurt, but it just doesn't make you feel any better. sighs. ok i mean it now.. more tomorrow.


Crystal said...

yikes good luck with the car and kids and guns.. thats the USofA for ya! Excuse me while I continue my lung hacking day job..

Mrs B said...

Good news for you!!! I have an award for you at my blog! :)