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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Me Wednesday

Welcome to the second edition (edition? or episode? or blogisode..oooh i like that lets go with blogisode) of Why me Wednesday.

Emily woke up at 3:30 AM, which then led to me being up til around 5 because I could not get back to sleep, which then led to us all OVER sleeping and not getting up until 7 AM and throwing off our day... why me?

We bought a really good pastrami last night.. so good in fact that we landed up eating all of it. sighs.. and it was good!! Why me? (ok that is just the PMS talking ignore that one lol)

Mary's vice principal is annoyed at me for telling on her for her horrible treatment of David and has now decided to take it out on Mary.. finding anything to growl at Mary about..why me? :o( Heck Why Mary too?

Emily shared her cold. shes fine.. I still feel rotten... and to top it off my friend is visiting..Why me?

My kids are all growing up.. my oldest is getting papers from colleges and the military, my sons are BOTH shaving, and Mary is um blossoming...NO FAIR! Why me??

And finally..ITs only Wednesday and I am already readay for the weekend... and still have TWO more days to get there. why me?

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Anonymous said...

Richard started night shift yesterday and all 3 kids are sick plus mommy too.....why me!!

I got a box with tarts in it in the mail today....why me?? Because Tricia rocks!!

I am going to wait to burn them cause I cant smell anything....why me??