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Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Afternoon!!!!! I am sorry this is later then I planned but sometimes life gets in the way when we are making other plans no? Today, I am proud to announce the prize winners, I ask that if you see your name in print you email me at with your tart choices so I can get them to the wonderful Ms Louise. I have decided to give an extra prize so when you see this, please be aware that I really do know how to count.. most of the time..... I promise. <---go here and pick your tart choices please Honorable Mention goes to Lisa. proud owner of the Oh boy oh boy oh boy Blog. For having speedy fingers and entering the contest first. Lisa you have won 3 tarts of one scent.

Second Prize is a tie because both ladies came up with almost the same answer and they made the judge smile. Karen and Ice Cream Diary Mama (whos name I REALLY need to find out :oX) who both came up with "Happiness is clean sheets and fresh shaven legs. Amen ladies. You have each won 3 tarts of one scent.

First prize goes to Nikia, who brought the judge to Tears with "Happiness is when you realize how one can of formula has changed the rest of your life" and then she got me personally again with "Happiness also is when you walk on that ramp and hold your husband for the first time in 6mos of your 6.5mos marriage,and realize its ok to exhale because he made it home alive". You have won 6 tarts of 2 scents.

And finally........ the GRAND PRIZE winner goes to: Tricia (no not me) AKA Mrs B. Who posted the favorite among the judges "Happiness is knowing one day my kids will have kids just like them" Oh as if THAT doesn't get me through each day!!! You have won 24 tarts of 8 different scents!!!!

Thank you very much for your participation and please visit Louise's site oooh and there will be ANOTHER contest in February for Valentine's day. I won't tell you the topic yet.. heehee but its gonna be fun!!


Mrs B said...

We are the champions....of the world!

Super awesome! I would like to thank my parents, for wishing the same wish on me. God, for having a sense of humor and blessing me with said children. And Tricia, for whom without children of her own (many I might add) would not appreciate my comment as deeply. :)

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Thank you thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! I think I will shave my legs tonight and change the sheets in honor!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yay! I love smelly candles and can't wait to try these!

Oh, and my name is Lizzy. =)