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Friday, January 2, 2009

The downside

Have you ever noticed after the holidays, the downside? No, its not that we have bills we can't pay, its not that the tree is gone or all the decorations, hell its not even the 800 lbs we want to lose in the new year.... its the holiday letdown. We all run around in the hustle and bustle, we spend more then we should, we eat more then we should and then we spend all of January trying to figure out how to make things work. Without losing our mind. Its not that we will not make it, we will. I know we will. Its just the struggle of it all that sort of sucks. (See 2009 the year of the positive.. rock on.. the positively believable.. not so much.. i am working on it ok?)

When I think of what we have to look forward to in 2009, there is some stuff but for the most part my schedule is pretty open. I am supposed to have my 20 year high school reunion, but as it turns out the same snobs from high school who were over achievers then are the same as they are now. I had been working on the reunion committee until they sent out that lovely email with the pricing $200 a ticket... yea I wish that was a misprint. Are you kidding me? Stephanie is graduating next year with that we will have senior dues, senior pictures, expenses out the wazoo, not to mention prom, SAT stuff, and I am sure there will be more.. because lets face it kids cost money. Its not a bad thing, but $200 for one night seems a bit over the top to me, and while I would love to see who has changed and who has stayed the same, for that cost I will probably just skip it. Ok truth be told we will probably land up at the picnic my class inevitably will hold, its where all the classmates who are either a) too broke or b) too cheap or c) like me and both lol go to see our classmates with out the cost.. other then that, there really is not that much that I have to look forward to this year. Other then to make my plans stick. I am not going on an exciting vacation, I refuse to spend money I don't have to, so I will probably not go on silly trips I should avoid. Its not that I don't have fun on my little escapes, but it always seems to cost so much more then it should or could. So unless my husband is going, I am not. If my kids are not having the same fun, I dont need it.

My mom called me this morning (she is doing much better),we talked about my oldest brother, who my ex husband lives with.. my ex has apparently moved in his girlfriend, and I told my mom I feel that my brother needs to tell my ex husband that the girlfriend needs to pay something (Which means they will decide its a great idea, and have me tell him)... NO grown up who works and makes money (even minimum wage) should live rent free. If you are living somewhere, using their utilities, their house, their food etc, pay something. I have stated that before, because I know even when were 18 living in my parents house, we gave our parents 100 a month or something. I don't understand people who feel the world owes them a living, and they should not be held responsible for themselves, and I think in 2009 I need to make myself froggy enough to tell people that. My niece lives with my mom, she doesn't pay rent but she drives my mom around and runs my moms errands, I think that is fair. My 20 year old nephew lives in what we dub "the frat house" with five guys.. they each pay money. I think everyone if you are over 18 need to pay something, be responsible for yourself. Nothing in life is free, nor should it be.. or should it be presumed to be.

Ok grumpy blog over.. time to try and find my positively positive smile and order Miss Emilys cake for her birthday.. can she really be almost 1?? It seems like the last year flew by!! And Mary turns I came up with a solution to "omg we can't have two birthday cakes.. that is just too much cake!!" So Emily is getting a one year old princess cake.. trust me the crown fits.. and Mary is getting a Bratz carvel ice cream cake.. so that means we are having CAKE and iceceam CAKE ;o)~ I am so brilliant I scare me.. seriously.. ;o)~ Ok time to post this puppy and try and get some stuff done.. more tomorrow. Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart ;o)~

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