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Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday....

I did not cry over spilled milk on Saturday, because the stress of everything was just too much and when the milk jug spilled it was just one more thing to make me snap.

I did not sit here in a sheer panic about taking Mary to school in the new car today, because its a stick shift and even though Chuck says "you've got this" I feel terrified i am gonna kill her or me.

I did not toss and turn all last night because my nerves are in over drive, and my mind is falling close behind.

I did not bring my sons friends over for the weekend, and when i saw the old neighborhood think while we may be broker (is that a word?) in the new house, i would rather be poor and safe.

I did not enjoy Stephanie telling her father she has a car when well he doesn't because that would be mean and snarky.

I did not reaffirm my love for the safety of my new neighborhood after Stephanies best friend was shot in the leg and now has a rod in her leg (shes ok but not good)

I did not drive 30 minutes away last night to get Archie and JugHead comics from someone because my sons love Archie and welll so do I.

I did not air that i am not perfect on this blog yesterday, I posted about my problems, my sadness, my fat tush, and my broken heart.

I did none of these things of course, because today is not me monday.

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Wayne said...

Hey great not me monday, sounds very nerve racking driving the stick but im sure you will get the hang of it soon enough.