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Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank God its friday.

Again this morning the alarm went off out of bed i fell to the floor. (1 year old next to me.. it was me or her.. i chose me... does it boggle anyone elses mind how a small baby can take up SO much space in the bed? seriously. sleeping with her is like sleeping with 20 kids her size, she is all over the place. Yikes.. sorry ADHD got away from me. I am back) So my feet hit the floor and I started to immediately think of something very important. No alarm clocks for tomorrow. WOOHOO. I turned them off (yes at 6:30 the first thing on my mind was turning off my alarm clock, why? because i am not taking any chances on forgetting and having that damn thing go off at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:05 tomorrow). I roll out of bed and check out bank account, hey look.. everyone has their thing.. me and my bank is mine. I budget my check book every morning, see what cleared the night before, check my balance, and then try and lay back down for a bit. Usually it works pretty well, today i could not fall back asleep.. that should have been my first warning it was going to one wonky day. (wonky.. hmm.. another word for odd. Think Willy Wonka.. but wonky instead of Wonka.. does that work?? does for me.. my blog my rules)

I got Emily dressed for the second time (when we got up at 5:30 because we were soaked through.. i put her in a sleeper), I gave her breakfast, got David breakfast.. talked him out of the twinkie he wanted..and he ate cookie crisp convinced he was doing something bad having cereal for breakfast.... hey i wont tell him differently. He usually wont touch cereal so i figure this was not a bad thing. Then I was sitting back relaxing minding my own business, when who should call but Mary's school. Fab. First of all, i LOATHE her vice principal.. one she is a complete witch (See old post about her telling me that David could come back when we knew what was wrong with him... see witch), two she is condescending which drives me BATTY, and lastly I am starting to be pretty convinced she has an issue with my children. So I groan.. audibily. I figure maybe she is calling me to discuss Davids meeting for Tuesday (Grr we will get into THAT in a minute), no shes callling because Mary sprayed someone at the bus stop with perfume. Great. She just got off of being suspended.. so she says "SO I am taking away Marys bus priveleges for TWO days" Chuck and I share 1 car, half the time he needs the car, so i growl that she may as well suspend her because she wont be able to go to school then. Ok.. so I ask to talk to Mary she says to me "well shes in class" I said "Did she say it was an accident?" she says "Well, i havent talked to her" I Said "Well did she do it on purpose" she says 'Well the other boy says she did it on purpose" umm ok. she pauses "Should i go get her" I said "YES" so she called out to someone to send Mary down.. .grrrrr. Mary gets on the phone "Mary did you spray the boy in the eyes" Mary "I was spraying it on me and he GOT in my way" @@ translation.. yes she did it. Ugh. So i chew Mary a new one inform her that she is losing her make up kit etc. I guess the ass chewing i gave Mary appeased Principal Hatchet because she said shes only suspended ONE day. ok. fine.. I say to her "I will bring her to school with me Tuesday when i come for Davids meeting NOBODY has called me about" she says to me :::: wait for it... wait for it:::::::::: Oh we had to CANCEL that.. since hes NOT enrolled anymore, you have to take him elsewhere. I blew my top. I went off on her to which she says "We didnt drop the ball on david" Finally fed up i said to her "YOU have been dropping the ball on my SON since the FIRST day of school!" growls!!!! I then rebrought up her line she said to me and she said "I Didnt say that" OMG amnesia? Did you hit your head? DO you want ME to hit you in the head?" OMG I was pissed.. I hung up with her.. five minutes later some other lady called me.. the kinder gentler version i Guess.. and she says "You need to call this gentleman" So I did ... and this poor man.. got the brunt of my life for the past few months, and i just fell apart. Every tear I could shed, i shed. he told me he is going to call me back before the close of business.. I am still waiting. Til 3. Then I am calling him. I am so tired of this...argh. OOH wait I forgot the other part of this story.... this boys MOTHER wants to come down to TALK to me. @@ Lovely. so I tell Principal Hatchett that is fine as LONG as she is nice. if she comes down and acts like a jerk, she will be asked to LEAVE immediately. I have not seen her yet.. but i am sure i will. Pray for me that it goes well..

on an upnote.. Super mom has decided to help us with the car issue and Chuck and I are going to go look at a NUSED car tonight. If anyone hears alot of small prayers being thrown up in the hampton roads area tonight, its just Chuck and Stephanie hoping this car is as cool as they want it to be.. since this will be the car Stephanie learns to drive on.. (OMG that hurts my head) oh boy.. but hey at least in the end.. its still Friday ;o)~


Mrs B said...


Just wrote you down in my prayer journal (new thing so I won't forget). Big prayers for you. So sorry. If it makes you feel better, I have a big feeling I am pregnant...Lord help me. Soon, I too will have a million kids! :)

Crystal said...

((hugs)) Schools suck and totally feel your pain. I am so tired of IEP and special education uggh.