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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturdays events in our house....

We celebrated Emily and Marys birthdays today, Emily had a lovely Disney Princess cake with light up Princesses, Mary had an adorable ice cream cake with Cloe and two of her animals from the Bratz on it. Pictures? no a smart mother would have taken one before they cut the stupid cake.. and unfortunately I am NOT a smart mother. .damn. Sighs. Oh well... we will be doing another cake on Monday for the real birthday and promise then we will definitely have a picture.. i promise I dd however get a picture of her and her smash cake.... and ripping into her presents... ya know the two that she got to open before her four year old brother helped her.. ;o)~ Thankfully it was alot of fun. Emily had no concerns with getting dirty, or should she do this.. well there was the initial hesitation of, come on.. there is no way you are leaving this on my tray.. ok pick it up.. or on the count of.. 1.. what comes after 1? I am still new here.. oh the heck with it.. DIVES in for the cake big grin on face.

My oldest two boys returned from my moms house today, they seem to have enjoyed themselves.. although with mom in the hospital, they ate so much take out in the past week, i am not sure they know how to eat a homecooked meal. Oh well, they will relearn real quick.. trust me. Actually, Danny came in and seemed delighted to hear I was MAKING dinner lol. meatball subs, and I am the next best thing to Emeril. GO me. ;o)~ Although.. maybe I am pretty close after all.. AJ is all excited about the meal too.. this will change when they find out their chores return.. (the dishes) ;o)~

All in all, we had a good day, we got up sort of late.. 9:30.. hey in mommy time thats like noon.... we got Emily ready for pictures, and we went to have them done.. they came out SO cute!!! The photographer is a friend/coworker of Chucks and she did a fantastic job.. although I am about 90% sure she doesnt know Emilys name as she kept calling her Emma. lol. Emily good agreeable kid she is just smiled on command and played nice. we then went running through the stores we had to go to, and then home for birthday cake and presents. All in all a quiet day.. which is not a bad thing.

Ok more tomorrow I am gonna go put my feet up and relax. Miss Emily has her AJ back and is going to bed. For whatever reason she loves him to put her to sleep, its "their time" ;o)~ so sweet. OOOO one more thing!! pictures from earlier ;o)~ LOL

Before Cake....... and AFTER CAKE

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ok, those before and after shots are way too funny.