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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carepully.... Carepully.....

David when he carries something that is delicate (IE a glass of water, a full plate, or at times his baby sister (that makes me nervous), he takes on the task at hand, picks up whatever he is going to carry and as he takes each step he says "Carepully.. Carepully...." So today, I am going to take words from my sweet little boy and approach a few topics.. well carepully :o)~ Nothing is that serious.. just a few things.

First of all, we watched the Inauguration concert today.. WOW what a line up! but I was personally delighted to see Garth. I love him. I have always loved him.. but especially since these pictures. Hubba hubba. Chuck never believed he knew my name until as we were waiting for him to put Trisha Yearwood in the limo he said "Hang on Tricia, let me put Trisha in the car" sighs. he's a great singer and the most amazingly humble male there is. He has no idea he is a celebrity. :o)~ I have met him a few times.... seen him in concert a few times.. and um.. had a couple of phone calls from him. So imagine my delight today when he sang three songs, (American Pie, Shout, and of course We shall be free.. thud.. I was on the floor) any rumors that I screamed are purely exaggerated until Not me Monday.. winks.

Me, Chuck and Garth.. the copy of this pic.. stinks which is sad
<---that's me and hes touching my face. <3
Baby kisses, Garth doesn't get much better then that ya know?
My oldest baby with Garth, he was soo sweet to her (he signed her cast)

Second of all, we went to church this morning.. I have to be honest when I tell you it has been a very long time since we went to church. (The good news is the building did not explode when we walked in so I guess we are ok to return). We saw some friends we have not seen in a long time, and they embraced us and welcomed us back. That was so nice. I have to be honest and tell you I am so glad we went. :o)~

Thirdly. (thats a word right?.. sounds like one to me so I dub it a word. I am putting up a picture of Emily. Don't be alarmed.. she didn't stay this color. It faded after her daddy power washed her (just kidding), and shes the cute peppy one year old sh was before dinner. :o)~ She still isn't walking.. prefers the speed of the crawl.. I guess we can all understand that eh?? Heck my mom sometimes is faster crawling too (She broke her ankle a few years ago and used to get up and down the steps crawling... a rather amusing sight. because shes so independent and having to crawl was her way of showing us all she could TO do it. lol.
Oompa loompa baby...

And finally.. we went over to the house of our friends who lost their children to CPS last week, they are working so hard to fix things, i hope and pray that the county sees this and returns the children, there are still some safety issues but hopefully they will resolve them quickly. We covered her couches with black fleece and a friend of theirs told me I could teach Martha Stewart a thing or two lol. (The blankets we usd were 3.00 each at walmart we bought 13 of them, and a staple gun, we fit the fleece to the couches, stapled them down and voila.. new furniture one of the requirements. We also saw our dog Lilys brother Butch, he is soo much bigger then her they are beagle labs mixed, but i think she is more beagle then lab. :o)~ I ask that you keep Vickie and DJ in your prayers that they get their kids back, and also there is a blog i was pointed to yesterday Kelly's Korner please keep them in your prayers as their little girl Harper is having some health issues. ;o(

Have a lovely Sunday and more tomorrow!!!


Julie said...

Love the pictures. Garth is way cute, eh? LOL I missed the concert.

It's nice to see that you're blogging! I'll add ya to my list. :o)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You are practically a celebrity bu association. =)

The cps story scares me. Did someone turn them in? My sister once had a mean friend turn her in because her daughter had a dirty face one day. It was a nightmare for my sister because she was a single mom and struggling enough as it was.

Karen said...

Ummm my dear friend!! You did not tell me you went to SEE Garth sing! You mentioned something about HBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Which thank you I found and recorded it last night) He sounded awesome!!

I wasn't going to tell you this but about a month or so ago, we were in church and the pastor asked us to pray for someone who needed it. So it was kind of surprising to me that your name popped into my head. Not that I dont love you or anything you know I do. But you were the first person to pop in my head. And now you, you made it back to church. CRAZY!! (no I am not saying I did it! LOL) I just think it is neat!!

Emily is such a little cutie!!

Tutu said...

I'm officially jealous of the Garth pics!! My sister's kids go to the school where Trisha's mom used to teach. That's as close as I am to knowing a celebrity.