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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Piggy Toes....

This morning as I laid in the bed feeling awful.. I noticed next to me the sweetest sight. Piggy toes. Ten fat little baby piggy toes to be more specific that belong to Miss Emily. There are few things sweeter in the world, then little feet. No I don't have a weird foot fetish thing i swear.. to be honest i am not a huge feet fan.. per say.. But I love baby feet. :o)~ So today's blog is a game of Piggy Toes.......

This little piggy is heading to Walmart to get the stuff to make Chicken soup cause she feels like crud, but right now is listening to her new Raul Malo that another piggy brought her home from her cruise...signed.

The Chuck piggy went to drill because he's in the Navy, and 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year that is his job :o)~

The Stephanie piggy just got home from being out with her friends all weekend and immediately started bossing her brothers and sisters around, did I mention today I love the Stephanie piggy lots for being my absent voice.

The Danny piggy is entertaining his friend piggys and trying to tell me his chores are done and hes ready to play video games.. Mommy piggy isn't THAT guliable.. too bad Danny Piggy.

The AJ piggy is trying to call his friend Dan to invite him over becase we don't have enough people in the house with mommy piggy sick apparently.

The Mary piggy has earned her snout today because her room is a pig sty and she must work on it soon before Mommy piggy sells her at a 4H auction to the highest bidder

The David piggy is playing poo lease oppicer right now with a gift from the Stephanie piggy and is very excited to be arresting anyone who will stand still for two seconds.. remind me to kick Stephanie piggy for that later.

The Emily piggy is feeling better and is over her cold so today wants to play and be adventerous and I think is a little annoyed that mommy piggy just isn't there yet.. bad mommy piggy.

The Lily puppy piggy is busy harassing the Cat piggys who are quite annoyed that she has not been evicted from the house yet or voted off Piggy island.

And finally...

The Mel piggy has returned from her Delbert cruise completely exhausted but looking like she had a real good time. :o)~ (Even if she does need to just DO it) grins.

Ok time to shower and get my curly tail to walmart.. more later or tomorrow depending on how I feel!! What are you and your piggys doing today?

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Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I love the little piggies- makes you want to kiss 'em and no I don't have a foot fetish either LOL