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Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Just one week.

I come to you, as a shocked and amazed person today. I completed the one task I was sure would be my challenge last week. my struggle and pain.. The side of my bed.. minus the soda my handsome four year old son spilled on the floor, remained clean... and I am 90% sure the clean up fairy didn't show. (yes, i am also in favor of starting a petition or a letter of complaint.. how rude).. I went to Walmart, Target etc, and stuck to my lists (you HAVE to know this was the hardest part because Walmart had some great stuff on clearance.. but I did it!!), and finally I stayed positive, heck i even ran a contest.. and it was a TON of fun. :o)~ (thanks larely in part to the participants!!)

And now we come to this weeks edition of "for Just one week" I have three goals this week.... I think I can do two, and I hope I can do the third. And hey thats something right?

For just one week, I will turn off my TV by midnight and put myself to bed. (this one i am pretty sure i can do... seeing as I am quickly turning into an old woman that should be easily)

For just one week, I will get out of bed in the morning before Mary leaves for school ( I have gotten lazy about yelling goodbye from the bed room.. i am pretty sure i can do this)

And finally.......

For just one week, I will inventory my pantry, my freezer, and i will shop off of what we have and not just throw things in the cart. (ooh that ones gotta scare Chuck.. just a little bit lol)

ok your turn.. what will you do for just one week, please remember to post on The Wonderful Lizzys blog. My Ice Cream Diary

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Hurray for your successes! I am so proud of you for passing up on Walmart clearance. I don't know if I could have resisted. But I'm sure your wallet and house thanked you.

Good luck on your new goals!