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Friday, January 30, 2009

Februarys contest............

I know someone had to be wondering when I was gonna post it..This month the contest is for 24 tarts for the Grand Prize and there will be two other prizes as well. (The ladies who just received their tarts can attest that Ms Louise makes some LOVELY tarts, right ladies??) You can visit her at, I recommend Lovespell and Juniper Breeze and Pomegranate Warm sugar and Hansel and Gretel and Amber Romance and Strawberries and Champagne and Avalanche which cleared me out this week and gosh just go look there are LOTS!!!... mmmm they all smell sooo good!!!!

So this month's contest, in the spirit of Valentines Day, is "Love is..."

They can be funny, serious, romantic, honest. They can be anything. And as always I will throw some of mine out there:

Love is never having to say your sorry... unless you don't want to sleep on the couch for the rest of the week.

Love is that first moment you hold your new baby, and realize how wonderful life is.

Love is that feeling that makes your heart skip a beat

Love is a hug when you need it

Love is realizing you want to spend forever with someone, and wanting forever to start right then.

Whats Love to you? Let me know!! Join in!! pass the word!! for those of you who have already entered and won, everyone can play again.. but.. in the feeling of love love love. .if you win again you have to designate your prize for someone else :o)~ It can be anyone. Have fun!! This contest will end on February 6th.


JalenasMommy said...

lOVE IS...
My 15 month old calling out my name over and over, and blowing me a kiss each time I look at her.

Being a Mommy. I never knew how strong this feeling was, and I would never trade it for anything!

Crystal said...

Love is being able to use the toilet while your lover is brushing his teeth.

Love is shoving someone in bed because they are snoring and need to turn over.

Love is all the photos on my wall

Amanda said...

Love is

1 Corithians...

Says it best!


Eileen said...

Love is...huge monkey grins first thing in the morning.

Jen said...

Love is....slobbery baby kisses and sticky hugs from your 5 year old.

Love is....catching baby spit up in your hand because you don't have a burp rag handy.

Love is....reading your 5 year old's favorite book over and over and over and over again to him while secretly wanting to hide it or throw it away. LOL.

P.S. Your friend Karen linked me to your blog : ).

Kayla said...

to me love is....

being a mom is the most lovely thing in the world.

love is... being nine months pregnant and your dh bringing your favorite type of bottled water to you from a conv. store!

Hearing your 2 year old yell, "momma, mommmy, mommmy" it doesnt matter how many times he says it either!

PS I could go on all day.

Anonymous said...

Love is saying you'd give your life for someone- and mean it.

Love is snuggling up together with someone to watch MASH for the one thousandth time, even though you hate MASH.

Love is walking around with dried baby spitup on your shoulder all day.

Rebecca said...

Love is all of the above and all of the below.

Anonymous said...

Love is....letting your husband have a nap since he got up early with the kids even though you have a cold and feel like doggy doo doo!

Love is....not killing your four yr old even though he pushes you way past that point daily to see how far his cute little butt can push it. lol

Love is....hard very hard but 100% worth it everytime.

Love is.....letting the husband cuddle when you completely hate it. lol

Love coke and for Tricia dr pepper!

Love is....the day the IRS puts your refund in your checking account!! Love you uncle sam!! kiss kiss!

Eileen said...

Love is someone actually commenting on your blog!! No one ever comments! LOL

Oh, and love would be winning this dang drawing because I never win nothin' ::pouts::

Anonymous said...

love is saying Eileen needs to win because that girl needs a pick me up!

Louise said...

having a rotten day BUT knowing that soon...he'll be home to give me a big hug and tell me it's all going to be okay.

I love your site! I wanted to participate even though I won't qualify for a prize.

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your life!
Louise - Dream Tarts Soy Wax Creations
Good Luck to all who enter!
Happy Valentines Day.