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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby steps and more..

So, Emily in the past few days has decided she is going to start to walk, she started with the going between items, one step at a time. Then she progressed to taking steps between people.. first one or two but last night it was six whole steps. ;o( Isn't there supposed to be some rule against the baby walking? If not can we make one? Please? She's so cute the way she is toddling around, she's not in the same rush her brother was.. David walked a little bit before he was 10 months old. Emily also has rhythm..... this girl will giggle to everything.. there was a pop tart commercial on last night and she wiggled like someone set her butt on fire. It was hilarious to watch. :o)~ And I am probably biased when I say she is just so cute to watch.. but if you don't believe me ask Chuck, Stephanie or Mel.

Speaking of David.. we are heading to the audiologist in a little bit. I am almost positive he doesn't have a hearing problem.. I mean he can hear a tootsie roll open from two rooms away. :o)~ But at this point anything they want to do to get answers, we will do. Next week we have another appointment to get his IEP set into place. Then hopefully at somepoint we will figure out where to go next. Next few weks are crazy busy for me. Emily and Mary have checkups at the doctors on the 4th, and then Davids appointment on the 5th. Fun stuff. Then my mom comes the following week for five days. Whew. oh wait! and in the middle of all that.. Chuck starts school. (My kids are having a FIELD day with the thought of Chuck going back to school.. so now when he gives them a hard time about doing homework they can say back "Is YOUR homework done?"

OK.. time to get ready to scoot.. but I didn't want to end todays blog without telling you guys one more little teeny tiny thing.... There will be a February Blog contest. I won't say what its about yet.. but i will say "watch this space" because it will be posted sometime in the next few days. Have a lovely Thursday!! more later.. and more on how this appointment is going to go!


Crystal said...

Aww Donni is walking 90% of the time now.. :-( good luck at audiologist!

Kristine said...

Nope, no rule against walking. If there was one, believe me, I would know about it. I'm desperate that Maddie never walk but she's quickly on her way. Sob!

Wayne said...

Seeing kids grow up is what I imagine could possbly be one of the greatest expirences in life. it sounded so funny when the comercial was on tv and she was wiggling her but. Great blog