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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are being spied on.....

I have always suspected that someone was watching my family.. ya know seeing what we are up to, and taking notes. No, I am not paranoid, ok maybe a little bit. I just had a hunch.... and today.. without a shadow of a doubt, my final bit of evidence came to light. I will now share with you, why not only do I know we are being spied on, but who the guilty parties are. I encourage you, if you believe this is happening to you, please please search out the answers, don't be afraid of what you might find out, because in the end if you are right, you will feel like me and have a sense of relief that maybe you aren't really losing your marbles.

Exhibit A... Baby Blues, January 18th, 2009. Once again, the creators have found me out. They followed us and took photographs of the damaging evidence, and made me a laughing stock.. I will admit in the beginning even I was amused. but now I am just hurt that they spied on me. (clicking on images makes them larger)

Thats right. our minivan at times in the past has looked like a landfill, no not always but at times, why must they post it? Truly it breaks my heart to be outed like this, and if that wasn't bad enough please view..

Exhibit B... Baby Blues, January 19th, 2009. They refer to this line as "When Life attacks" mmm hmm. This entire event has happened in my house, numerous times. The only possible difference is that sometimes it is mys sons not my daughters, but no mistake again, this event has happened in my house numerous times.

Do you see this? how can they spy and post these examples out there for the world to see!! its a travesty. I am deeply offended, my life is set out there for others amusement. Ok its not that bad. but geez. This of course brings me Exhibit C

Baby Blues, on January 20th, 2009. I realized that this event was taken from an older event. our trip to Walt Disney World when we may have ACCIDENTLY almost left a child at a gas station bath room. OK it was 1) a maybe (we remembered when he came out... and saw us pulling out. (ok so he came out arms flailing and my oldest son asking "Mom why are we leaving AJ?".. yes. I am ashamed) 2) there was no car seat involved he was 11. Whew I feel better already.

Exhibit D, Baby Blues on January 21, 2009, Oh very funny. You guys think its cute when the kids come home and announce these little things. laughing at children. I am SHOCKED.. ok again not so much but I had to at least pretend right? It would be funnier though.. if it was not so darn true. Sighs.

Exhibit E, Baby Blues on January 22, 2009. Ah yes the midnight confessional. Tuck them in they announce I need _______ baked, or I need (insert dollar amount here) . Always right before it is due. and always when the cupboards are bare and the wallet is empty.. murphy and his law is almost as funny as Baby Blues and their comic strip, Ok. Baby Blues is pretty darn hysterical.. funnier again. if not so true.

And lastly, dear readers. I learned its not just me and the kids. No Chuck, you are not immune, but instead you have been spied on by a different comic strip. For Better or For Worse, January 22, 2009.

The toenail fight. This is an Olympic sport with David that is only rivaled by watching Sumo Wrestlers or when Animals attack. Its never pretty and in the end there is usually exasperation and tears.. that is just Chuck :o)~

See! These events are true, funny.. but true. I would go off to have a cup of coffee or something bad for me but I am not sure I want it to appear in next weeks comics.. sighs. More tomorrow. Have a good day!!


Mrs B said...

I think you are, you could have your own reality show!

Flip Flop Mommy said...

LOL your crazy girl.I love your blogs.