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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TV moms vs Real moms

My blog yesterday got me thinking about TV moms vs real moms.. here are some of my comparisons please feel free to add your own. Thanks to Lisa who convinced me to post this ;o)~

TV mom- When her dear husband walks in the door, she hands him the newspaper, his slippers, and his pipe.. She rubs his shoulders and tells him that dinner will be ready any minute. She serves him the perfect meal and life is good.

Real Moms- When her dear husband walks in the door, she lets out a sigh relief and hands him the baby for just FIVE minutes of peace and quiet.. please oh please just FIVE Minutes!!! When said dear husband asks what's for dinner, she either has prepped and tells him or she loses her mind and tells him that she has had a horrible day and runs to lock herself in the bathroom until he fixes it himself. now on those not so horrible days, she serves a meal usually close to dinner time but more then likely closer to what would be bed time. but hey THEY get served right?

TV moms- Don't worry about the bills, they don't worry about what's in the checking account, and well they don't worry....

Real Moms- Keep a bottle of wine and a corkscrew in the kitchen in case of emergency.

TV moms-have the perfect kids who don't fight, don't argue and don't talk back because that would be wrong.

Real moms- Pull the kids off of each other in an event that the WWE would envy, real moms hear "You HATE ME" at least one time during those rotten teenage years. Real moms cringe the first time they hear the toddler child repeat the curse words he heard from a parent word for word outside.

TV moms- Are never seen taking an aspirin.

Real Moms-Keep Alleve, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol and anything else they can on hand. at all times

TV Moms- Always smile, their house is perfect, their gardens are perfect, their life is perfect.

Real moms- Think TV moms need a reality check.

TV Moms: drop out of bed looking as they always do, perfect hair, perfect make up, they are after all perfect

Real Moms- drop out of bed, scratch, pee, scare the child who was running out of the bathroom, shower, get dressed, rake a brush threw their hair to throw it in a pony tail anyways, they stumble into the kitchen and shush the child that's about to say something before the first sip of coffee... and that's just the first 20 minutes ;o)~

TV Moms- Are told "I love you", Are given hugs and kisses and are their child's biggest fan.

Real Moms- Do all of that and more, we say I love you, we give hugs and kisses, we are our child's biggest fan and an extra bonus of seeing them grow, we are real moms.. nobody ever said real and perfect had to be the same thing right?


Mrs B said...

You mean you get showered and dressed every day! And you have six kids? I only have three and I am praying to God I get a shower today. I am pretty sure I wore the same PJ bottoms (my husands) three days in a row. WTFudge?

Chaukie said...

I love it. So true.