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Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Just one week

I have discovered that I adore this weekly feature.. .mainly because I enjoy having little bitty goals for myself. I did pretty well last week... the biggest hurdle for me was that lovely white car.. I may have even sent Chuck a text message after he sent one FIRST that said "Ease off the clutch" I may have sent him one that said something about "Love you" I know the first word was four letters.. ok. .it wasn't love and it rhymed with duck. .:oX ::: blushes::: I did mostly keep the table cleared off, the chocolate kisses bowl is SUPPOSED to be there. and I did have to turn into a human pitbull mommy a few times.. and yes.. I did hide the Ipod charger because I kept finding it on my table (If they didn't want it hidden they would have MOVED it) and I did drink 40 ounces of water. As a matter of fact TWICE last week I did more then the 40 oz. Rock on eh? :::: Snoopy dance:::::

And now onto this weeks.... drum roll please.... ::::: taps on the desk.. but doesn't play wipe out because I am not a male and do not have the rhythm men have.. btw.. again. whats up with that? every man can tap out wipe out on the desk with their hands.. and EVERY man can make that machine gun sound that women are just not genetically equipped to make.. annoys the hell out of me:::::: ok sorry I am back.....

For just one week, I will not go to Walmart, Target, anything else that ends with Mart, BJs or anywhere else without a list. If I go with the list I will then stick to it.. and that does not mean I will write a new item on the list while I am walking through the store (yes.. I do that.. bad me)

For just one week, I will try and be positive even when I do not want to, and I will smile even when I am not feeling like it ;o)~

And finally......

For Just one week, I will keep the floor on my side of the bed clean. I will not throw things down and leave them waiting for the clean up fairy to come and carry them to the laundry room only two days later to get frusturated because she skipped my house.. again. ;o)~

So what will you do? Let me know and then leave a blog on the wonderful My Ice Cream Diary's blog. oh and be sure and tell her Tricia sent you :o)~


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm glad you are liking this, I am too.

I don't know that I could pull that WalMart idea off. I have to avoid that store at all costs just because I buy way too much stuff that I never needed to begin with.

Good luck! I can't wait to hear how the smiling and being positive goes.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

yeah if i ever catch that clean up fairy, i'm gonna let her have it....not once in my 20 something (cough cough) years has see ever stopped my house. dumb witch. i KNOW she visits other people, i've heard about it. but not here only thing that comes here is the dang sock monster

Julie said...

LOL. The cleanup fairy neglects my house too. We should write a complaint letter.